Pivot tables – they aren’t that hard

Since I mentioned using calculated fields in Excel, I've had a few questions through about what I imagemeant.  I can see this is an area people are confused about with more people wanting me to record the steps in a video.  However, this is already part of the training which was the point of the post.  In particular if you are struggling with creating calculations based on data in a pivot table, the training course here is all about how to do that with little built in videos and a practice spreadsheet to download and work on.  So can encourage you to take a few minutes to review that as I think it will answer your questions. 

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  1. Bruce Lynn says:

    The explanation on how to do calculated fields was very helpful.  The process works well for calculating one field off another (for example, the ‘Budget Amount’ as a percent of the ‘Actual Amount’.  What wasn’t clear to me in the process was how to calculate across values/positions in one particular field, ie.  most notably, how to create a calculated field that calculated growth in Year X as a percentage of the value in Year X-1.

    Any tips?

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