Jensen shows off his new fluent look

The UI god (and thoroughly nice bloke) that is Jensen Harris  has put together a new demo video that shows off the new Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface including "the ribbon". 

Apart from the annoying lift music backing track which made me want to either

  • smash something 
  • do some embarrassing dad-dancing at my desk

The demo is a slick overview, certainly better produced than my own video on this.

The other thing that is slicker is Jensen himself - man has he lost some weight! It's just as well that I know his voice so well or I might not have recognised him. 

Check it out - look what the new user interface can do for you..

Jensen before: Jensen after:



Comments (2)

  1. Michael says:

    Wow. He does look different. I think the video is pretty nice too, although I’ve seen that dozens of times already.

  2. Every day on the blogsphere (I hate that word) I see one topic of discussion come up a lot.  I have

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