Cometiquette guide published

image Are you a polite or a rude user of communication technology?  We've teamed up with The Finishing Academy recently to create a guide for good comm-etiquette to teach us all better manners in using technology like instant messaging.  Mark Deakin has a great post on this on his blog so I won't reproduce it all but here were the top ten tips to consider:

1. Think about how the recipient wants to be contacted

2. Work on your online presence

3. Use IM for short requests

4. Don’t forget the phone

5. Use email sparingly

6. Be careful when using humour and sarcasm

7. Be careful in the use of ‘emoticons’

8. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to their face

9. Respect who you’re communicating with; don’t read emails when on the phone or in a meeting

10. Manage the information collated through different methods of communication

Read the full article at Mark's blog.

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