Local dialects for Microsoft Office

Jonnie Robinson from the British Library Microsoft is often synonymous with the classic big American firm but as I'm proud to work for Microsoft Ltd (or Microsoft UnLimited as we call it) in the UK, it's great to be able to add a truly British touch to my product. 

Today I am back with Jonnie Robinson, curator of sociolinguistics and education (check out his terrific "sounds familiar" website).  He works with the huge and ever growing archive of accents and dialects held at the British Library.  We were doing some more work to publicise the project we've had running together for a few months to customise the dictionaries in Microsoft office with some local dialect. Today we are doing some 17 local radio interviews on the subject.

Just for fun - can you tell me what these three sentences mean and what area of the country each one is from:

"My cuttie wouldn't do her ecker and instead went out with her millie and got bandjaxed"
"The grockel gaddled, made a mitch of himself and got himself into a fiddy kilter"
"The canny bairn rode a cuddy, fell into the clarts and got hacky"

The project to collect local words has been well received by people across the country.  We've had hundreds and hundreds of entries.  Jonnie's done the hard work of weeding out slang and pronunciation, finding the genuine local words for the seven dictionaries we've compiled.

You can download the dictionaries from our site so why not see if your word has made the list and if not then email it in to us at dialect@microsoft.com so we can add it in.

Comments (3)

  1. Chris J says:

    It’s fairly old now, but have you seen Word for Northeners?


  2. Jeff Y says:

    I have Office 2007 and I am having registry problems installing these new dialect dictionaries.  I am an admin on my machine and I have disabled anything that might block registry changes.  I even tried ignoring the error, but could see no way to use the dictionaries from within Word 2007.

    Am I using these things incorrectly?

  3. dstrange says:

    Jeff thanks for that.  I just repro’d this myself and sent it back to the developer.  seems to be a 2007 issue.  if anyone else has a problem let me know – either a comment or an email.  thanks and sorry about this.

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