Ye Olde Office – new for old!

I'm trying to complete my set of old versions of Office and I'm prepared to blatantly bribe you if you have one for my collection.

If anyone fancies donating me an old copy (must include the CD box and preferably the cardboard box) I'll replace yours with a free copy of 2007 for the first copy of: Office XP, Office 2000, Office 97.  If anyone has older versions than 97 I'll be amazed but the same offer applies. 

Drop me an email or comment to this post if you can help me.  Judge's rule is final.


Comments (11)

  1. Tim Raymond says:

    I have an Office XP Pro Upgrade with the Box.  If interested, contact me at

  2. Jamie Gray says:

    I’ll have a look around the office tomorrow but pretty sure I have at least one of each!  See if any are going spare for you!

  3. aldwyth says:

    I have 2000 in plastic box, not cardboard

  4. AdamV says:

    Office 2000 Premium – 4 cds in 2 double cases, no box. Kept because I have a training client still using it…

    I threw out my Windows 95, Plus!, Office 95 and 97 CDs and manuals only a couple of months back, damnit!

  5. I’ve got a mint condition Office XP Standard, including box, and a Step by step interactive training CD!.  email derek at workerthread dot com if you want to swap.

  6. dstrange says:

    come on there must be people out there with Office 97 and earlier..

    what a shame that AdamV threw out his Office 95!  What I’d really love to find is pre Office 95 stuff.

  7. AdamV says:

    Sorry, my Office 4.2 diskettes were taking up too much room so they had to go.

    I’ll have a deeper dig through the loft and see what turns up for Office 97. I did have Publisher and Visio there somewhere too.

    I’ve still got an original data sheet for Windows 1 though, that’s certainly one for the archives…

  8. Terry says:

    Are you looking for a copy of Office Pro 4.3? If so I will be happy to swap. The only thing is it’s an OEM.

  9. Tim Anderson says:

    Looks like I have a spare Office 97 developer edition, if you don’t mind a slightly tatty box.

    Email if you want it.


  10. ok update on this – I think I’ve got offers of XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 97 dev ed and pro, Office 95 (no box)

  11. alasdair says:

    I’m pretty certain I have a copy of Windows 3.1 or 3.11 in all it’s diskette glory, I think I binned the box a few months ago – I may even have the manual, just in case you need any tips 🙂

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