Live Writer beta 2

As I said before, beta 2 of live writer is available. I really like it already.  Cool new features include:

spell check see picture below, at last proper red wavy line spell check tools
tables proper table tools for doing tables like this one - see below
split post when supported button disappears on community server, but switch to wordpress and it reappears
cool map insert very fast virtual earth plug in
insert previous post love this, to insert a link to a previous post, just drop down the list of previous posts or glossary items.  very handy
image upload appears to now work on community server - hurray!  just cut and paste from the clipboard - hallelujah no more uploading to flickr
publish date post date your posts so that they get published tomorrow.  easy to add at the bottom of the editor.
better layout looks cooler, better layout on the screen, feature trimmed UI



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  1. Mason says:

    i love this site thanks to adim

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