Collaboration breaks down the walls

If you've not seen this ad, I think it's great:


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  1. Vandaag is er een TechNet Intrack sessie over samenwerken die ik mag verzorgen, en dankzij Darren ga…

  2. justice says:

    It is plain as day, Darren. Open standards mean free market and open, free competetion. Microsoft is a monopolist. It is in its interest to maintain this monoply. Microsoft will act in its own self interest. An open standard is a threat to its monopoly. So when Microsoft says it is pushing its open standard, it isn’t. When Microsoft says the market needs competition between 2 open standard, one that is, and its own that is only an open standard in name it is trying to compete the real open standard out of existance in favor of its own standard that will allow it to dominate the marketplace.

    And you Darren, you are actively participating in pushing this agenda to screw the free marketplace one again.  Darren , you are a criminal working for a criminal monoply.

    Got your little feelings hurt? Good. But a far cry from good enough. The day they put you on the electric chair, I’m going to watch and applaud for the justice done.

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