Blogcast: Protect and manage content

I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G) to cut down my pause for thought gaps.  This really is a very important topic so I apologise for not sounding more exuberant while demoing it.  In this blogcast I cover a bit more of the security and records management capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. 

I will cover:

  • The Enterprise document repository and relevant webparts

  • Connecting document libraries to Outlook and editing documents offline.

  • Digital signitures on documents

  • Protecting documents with information rights management

  • The Document Inspector

  • Using document workflow

  • Sending documents to the records vault

  • Information Management policy creation including barcodes and auditing

  • Retention of email records with managed folders

  • Establishing legal "holds" as part of a compliance policy.

To play the video click here

(I recommend hitting ctrl-shift-G to watch it speeded up)

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