Ecma Open XML Developer Workshop

30th  April - 1st May 2007, Reading, UK

This two day developer workshop focuses on Open XML, the new document format for Microsoft Office (why you should care).  The new Open XML file format is compact and robust, enabling better data integration between documents and back-end systems. This new format is also designed to make it easy for applications and systems to create and manipulate documents, opening up a whole variety of opportunities for applications to integrate document production, manipulation, archiving, etc.

This developer workshop covers the structure and semantics of the new Office Open XML file format. Attendees will spend time covering the three major markup languages; WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML and PresentationML, and will learn how to develop Office Open XML enabled solutions using System.XML and the Packaging API.  Advanced topics such as digital signatures and working with custom XML and data-binding to create interactive documents will also be covered.

To book, go here.

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