Random roundup – Friday 13th April

pretty boring week this week IMHO but here's what flushed through my inbox..have a good weekend 🙂

New Lotus Notes Migration suite released

Some of this has been available for a while I think but there a few new things and now the transporter suite is all available to download together. This includes:

Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino. for analyzing a Notes/Domino application environment and provide a recommendations to transition those applications to the Microsoft platform.

Microsoft Data Migrator 2006 for Lotus Domino.  to migrate data from Lotus Domino template-based applications to Windows SharePoint Services Application Templates.

Additional Windows SharePoint Services Application Templates. Building on the success of 30 application templates released in August 2005, Microsoft announced three new application templates available today developed for customers using similar Lotus Notes/Domino templates today: Discussion Database, Team Work Site and Document Library.

Updated Messaging and Coexistence Tools. To assist companies with the transition from Lotus Notes/Domino messaging to Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft is providing enhanced functionality and increased stability for Exchange Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes/Domino and Migration Wizard for Lotus Notes/Domino.

It’s a New Day: Microsoft eases the way to work

During April London commuters will be offered the chance of a free cab journey to work-making their journey to work easier

For four weeks beginning April 10th, 7:30-9:30am Microsoft will offer free cab journeys within zones 1 & 2. Commuters need simply to look for the 2007 Office branded cabs, climb aboard and ease into their day. Once in the taxi they will be handed a postcard offering a free trial of 2007 Office. By following the provided link commuters can begin to experience the tools that will make each work day better.

In addition to the free cab journey there will also be a competition running in the Metro.  This is a chance to start the working week with something fresh and exciting. Entrants are asked to log on to the GIMME page at metro.co.uk where they click on to a demo of the new 2007 Office software and answer a question based on something they've seen in the demo. Winners will be selected at random with prizes to appear on the winners' desks on the morning of Monday April 16th.

Bill Gates still richest man but only just, private poverty fighting wealth eclipses G8

New Mexican super rich billionnaire Carlos Slim Helu knocks Warren Buffett off the no. 2 spot, gaining on Bill.  Interesting comments about how to effect philanthropic changes.  The FT also reported this week that private wealth will eclipse the G8 in fighting poverty .  Meanwhile the goal of the $100 laptop gets ever nearer with the cheapest laptop now $200

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