Random roundup 7th April

This week, things that have crossed my inbox which i though were interesting - you might too:

The Knights that say NdNo

nightmareA new advertising campaign has launched called "New Day, New Office".  Microsoft internally, in keeping with it's obsession with reducing everything to an acronym seems to be referring to this as the NdNo campaign - what's that about?  The campaign draws a discreet line under the controvercial, yet remarkably successful, dino "New Era" campaign and focusses on experiences that make your working like easier.  I must say I think these ads are very good.  I particularly relate to day 5 after my recent presentation death.  Usually, because these global ads are shot in the US and then localised, it can grate a bit as the streets look american and it doesn't feel european.  The presentation one however is set in Germany so I think they've tried harder to be more international.  Tell me what you think..

Read your voicemails

I thought this was an interesting article on the growing buzz around speech to text.  I'm intruiged to see what we do with the technology we bought from TellMe.  Jeff Raikes spoke at the acquisition press conference which is transcribed here.

iPod virus technically possible

mitchell and WebbNot a threat yet but an iPod could also carry a virus.  However if the zune does person to person networking, wouldn't that be more fun to write a virus for?  I suppose having the dominant marketshare might work against Apple here for once, rather the opposite of their current Mitchell and Webb campaign where mac are praised for not being a virus target.  I might have mentioned this before but for a great example of brilliant vitriolic writing check out Charlie Brookers "I hate Macs" article.  Not what you'd call balanced but the comments just prove his point.  Great writing either way.

On a related note, EMI announced it plans to sell it's music on itunes with no DRM.  I applaud this - especially from EMI who's DRM attempts has in the past so annoyed me, it caused me to boycott their music.  Good to see that Zune will be offered a fair chance to compete with a similar deal.

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  1. Marc says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Macs (I own one) but I also don’t love Apple unconditionally. The Mitchell and Webb adverts irritate me so much!

    Any creative people reading this care to make a parody of the advert and stick it on YouTube? In the vein of no one likes a show-off. In real life, the Mac would be the neighbor that has the flashy car, loads of money and the perfect life – the Ned Flanders we all know. Of course us mortal PC users – poor old hopeless Homer Simpsons that we all are – probably have more a more rewarding experience after all. I know that, I switched to Mac and then switched back…!

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