Nobody likes a SmartArt: 2 top tips

animate smartartTwo things I learnt today.

Excel in dual screen

If you are working on two excel spreadsheets you can run two instances of Excel at the same time.  Don't launch Excel by clicking on the file or from recent documents but instead just launch the application first and then open the spreadsheet from office button, open.  This is particularly good in dual monitor mode because you can have one spreadsheet on one screen and one on the other.  I did know this but then forgot you could do it.  Thanks to Dale Vile from freeform dynamics for reminding me.

Animate your SmartArt

Insert a SmartArt in PowerPoint and with it selected, click on the animate tab.  Then in the animate drop down box, pick an animation and this will add animation to your SmartArt automatically.  This might seem obvious to you but I had never done this until today.

Remember never punish a learner..

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