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Technet Does Sharepoint services require Office 2007? Russell Harper

no but a lot of the improvements in the client applications in 2007 will not be there in 2003 such as all that meta data stuff, publishing to excel services from excel, forms server, offline in Outlook, OneNote integration, workflow, slide libraries, barcodes, records management all require the 2007 releases of the relevant application.  A lot of stuff does still work too with 2003 and older releases but you might find you would need to use the web interface of SharePoint a lot more.  There is a paper on the subject which we are working on.

Technet = Compliance has been mentioned a number of times with regards to the office system. Is it compliant with for instance, FDA & MHRA regulations.

no we are not testing for compliance with these - see my earlier answer about DOD5015.2

technet: is there anything new for my documents? to make sure that users don't put too much data and increase profile size, therefore logon/logoff time, n labib

this would be a question for the Vista guys but from an Office perspective the files in the new Office Open XML format are a lot smaller.  We are often seeing files come down to half the size so this might help.

technet: can you see who has deleted certain files/folders? nasim labib

if you audited the folder you could look in the audit trail.

Technet will there be an improved office customisation tool to change existing installations, eg add an additional address book to the default mail profile

yes the office customisation tool (OCT) can now customise any and all parts of the office install, consolidating everything into one easy interface.  This is all part of the Office Resource Kit.

TechNet Is the Office 2007 family FULLY backward compatable with previous versions of Office? Paul - ComputerLand

I have yet to encounter an issue with an older document not opening in 2007 however the Migration Planning Manager (MPM) is a utility that enables administrators to scan any client machine, file server, SharePoint server, or any other WebDAV-enabled document library. MPM will inventory all Microsoft Office document types, gather properties for those files, and identify known issues within those files that may need to be addressed before those documents are opened with (or converted to) 2007 Office format.

The MPM helps plan an upgrade more effectively via the ability to provide two levels of scanning: “light” and “deep:”

· “Light Scan” is customizable and searches for Office documents, reporting back standard file properties. IT customers will be able to see an inventory of all Office documents in their enterprise.

· “Deep Scan” examines Office file types for known issues that may require additional attention prior to being opened in 2007 Office or converted to the new XML-based format.

Technet - is there any integration between office 2007 and windows mobile? Carolyn.

By the middle of 2007, we plan to update Microsoft Office Mobile to begin support for the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint file formats in the 2007 Office system, so people can read and edit 2007 Microsoft Office system document formats on their Windows Mobile devices like they do with prior versions of Office documents today

Technet what training is available for sharepoint server? Guy Adams Technet what user (re)training options/services are offered for sharepoint by ms? I could count the users with enough smarts to understand this on 1 hand.

There is lots of training available.  Check out this list.  I can also recommend the MS Press books which are coming out thick and fast now.  There are e-learning courses available too, most are free.  Also see the Enterprise Learning Framework for help to develop a training plan for employees.

Technet How do you suggest corps integrate off 07 serv with terra bytes of legacy data on shares? Colin @ capgemini

We wouldn't necessarily recommend moving all your documents into MOSS but start by at least indexing your file shares so you can find documents.  If your file structures are quite ordered, you could potentially move documents in however there are some issues for example the file length in MOSS needs to include the full path so you could exceed the max file name.  Usually its better to leave the content where it is on the whole and begin putting new content in MOSS.

Technet How much of the SharePoint functionality demo'd today is available to test on Windows Live?  Technet Is there any pre-built demos available for SharePoint server 2007. I would really like to sell this solution to the company directors? Russell Harper É

there is a test drive available online.  Also the virtual labs.

Technet moss2007, ian slater. is the inex file supported if located on a SAN. 2003 was supported but no doc stated that this is case for 2007, no best pr

It would seem so.  Only information I can find says RAID 10 with 2ms access times and > than 150MB/s write times for fast disk writes

Darren, just wanted to make sure you hadn't forgoten my question in the afternoon about why there is no licensing model to allow us to provide remote access to office via terminal services from public computers (e.g. travellers using airport lounge PC's or cybercafes.)

"Currently Microsoft do not have a licensing policy to support access from cybercafes, kiosks, the licensing model for Office is Per device".  This is all I am allowed to say at the present time, sorry.

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