Yet more questions from the roadshow

Technet will windows meeting space have clients written for xp machines, or will it not be a useable solution until all people in a meeting have vista? J

Meeting space is part of windows Vista only sorry.

Technet: How much of the office functionality is lost for external users coming into a Sharepoint site via corporate web portal? Mike Bone

If SharePoint is exposed to people outside of the firewall, it should be fully featured.  Not sure I fully understand the question.

Technet how are change conflicts dealt with when docs r worked offline and synched back

If word detects a conflict, you get an message saying there is a conflict and would you like to view and resolve it.  Then the document updates pane opens allowing you to merge copies, compare the versions on the server or replace one with the other.

TechnEt would you include office 2007 as vista image or deploy using group policies . From nic

yes you can include all the apps in the image including office. more here

Technet Do the excel services work with non IE browsers? Derek Clark

yes with some caveats

Technet on the excel services, when saving/publishing a doc to a folder, will office perform a new folder creation for unlisted folders? Mike

yes its just like a normal save as dialogue so it has New Folder

Technet - why was the Office start icon flashing during the Excel demo launched for sharepoint?

it does do this when you first launch an application for the first time.  I'll get the audience to look out for it in my demo next time so I can work out what causes it.

Technet Are there improvements for backing up sharepoint 2007 compared to 2003? Thanks, Kfir Cohen

yes some.  everything you need to know here

Technet can sharepoint integrate with a lotus notes and domino infrastructure or is it completely tied to outlook? Simon Lant

we can index Notes servers from sharepoint.  Some interoperability guidelines here.  And there are good migration and interop tools from casahl.

Technet how many of the features we've seen will be compatable with the upcoming Mac OSX version of Office?  Technet Is the docx version compatible with mac office, if not when will it be

the font of all mac business unit knowledge is macmojoPost about converters.  Announcements about mac office 2008 are here.  Macworld interview describing what is in the new version. 

Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac. Scheduled to be available in the second half of 2007... In spring 2007, Microsoft plans to release a public beta of the file format converters for the current version, Office 2004 for Mac, so users can read and write the new Office Open XML Formats. Six to eight weeks after Office 2008 for Mac is launched, the Mac BU intends to ship final versions of the converters.

Various SBS questions

Technet will sharepoint services 3 get better integration with sbs 2003 since the current 'hack' published on the sbs blogs isn't the cleanest option.TechNet sharepoint project tasks - can this run on SBS 2003? If so, what extra is needed (if anything) to implement it? Andy  Technet What products are being demonstrated? Can office2007 sharepoint services run over sbs2003 sharepoint in particular ad hoc project workspaces.

Project tasks is a feature of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 which is not currently supported in SBS out of the box.  That said you can run WSS 3.0 in parallel on an SBS box.  Dave Overton writes about this quite a lot - eg here.  In reality we are looking at a year or so before SBS ships a new version.

TechNet will PivotTables in 2007 be smaller than in previous versions

they are more compact on screen.  Spreadsheets can be larger in 2007 though so that could make them bigger however as xlsx, the file size is typically a lot smaller.  Not sure if that answers your question.  You might want to post that to the excel team blog

Technet why are you making out that publishing excel spreadsheets to web pages is new? 🙂

because it is.  🙂  you can save as a static html page but having a server side calculation engine interacting with the browser is entirely new.

TECHNET Office previously offered FrontPage as a useful part of the package. It has now disappeared. Is there a replacement or update planned? R. Okoñski

Frontpage has been replaced by two products, Expression Web Designer and SharePoint Designer.  If you are customising a sharepoint site you will need the latter.  Both are evolutions of the old FrontPage 2003 code base.

Technet the office layout feels very aimed at new users even in the pro versions. Will it be possible 2 have a classic view 4 ppl who are used 2 it ie pr

there is no classic mode.  Get used to the ribbon.  There simply was not enough room in the user interface to hold all the capability of the product with >1500 features.  Worse than that we needed a contextual, results oriented approach to make it easier to utilise the full product.  Things that help are that the shortcut key strokes pretty much still work.  See this post for more opinion from me on the issue of coping with change.

Technet How long are Microsoft going to rely on file extensions for determining content type. I.e. Doc for word.

now that is a good question. One I do not have an answer for.  There is some merit from a security point of view having extensions tell you about what the file is for and Excel for example have other extensions like .xlm for spreadsheets with macros.  However I can't really think of a good arguement for requiring extensions long term.  Perhaps its just a backwards compatibility constraint.

technet Christian Burch. Can sharepoint server use uk style date formatting?

yes.  our demos may have used US but that is just because they are international vpcs and ship in US.

Technet can u change the .Docx extension in office 2k7 automatically 2enable office 2k3 users 2view the document? We r a microsoft partner school n think

yes this is exactly what the file compatibility pack is for.

Technet how does dm in orion relate to directories roger turnerTechNet I misread Orion as Onion 2007 this am - sounds good, would you consider releasing it? Alison

um. yeah you do realise that Orion 2007 was just a dummy fake product name that we use in the demo scenario along with the fictitious companies Litware Inc and Contoso?.. 🙂

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