Environmentally friendly Office?

I've had quite a few people commenting that although the new curvy box is very funky, isn't it a total no no environmentally?

In fact if you look on the bottom of the box, you will see that it is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (not easy to say after a few pints), a type 1 recyclable plastic and carries the symbol below.  As you can read on recycleplastic.org.uk this is a common type of plastic used in plastic bottles and is widely accepted in most household recycling schemes.


Comments (3)

  1. Julian says:

    However easy it is to recycle, I suspect that a cardboard box would have involved a lower energy expenditure in manufacture.

  2. dstrange says:

    yes good point.  Even better than cardboard is no box at all via download only.  We have a new distribution channel called Office Ready PC which ships the product on a new pc already installed either as trial or full product.  I should get a guest post on that soon hopefully.

  3. alasdair says:

    hang on do people recycle their software boxes? I’ve still got my Mac os 9 and Blade runner (optimised for windows 95) boxes languishing on my shelves. because of this I’m a massive fan of download services (so is my wife) I pre buy and pre load most games, in fact I’m disinclined to play a game if I have to go to a shop to buy it. Interesting it’s the gaming community driving this like they drive hardware innovation. Apple’s recent wireless-n troubles actually show an interesting possibility, a modular OS that you only pay for what you install, maybe even what you use on a monthly basis? install the core download the modules when you need them. I’d add that to my paid by ad OS idea. kill piracy by making access to the software too cheap and too easy to bother.

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