Random roundup

Some random things I've come across recently that might be of interest:

The General availability launch on the 30th Jan went well.  Have a look at their Leonardo DaVinci Vista application which enables you to browse the original notebooks - one owned by the library and one by Bill Gates. 

If you've not seen it yet, a fantastic new magazine from Future on Vista.  There is a really cool turning the pages application (similar to the one at the British Library) so you can read it online free.

The latest rather silly (IMHO) marketing idea from Office is http://www.ontheofficecouch.com/ which works out which application you are most like.  I am apparently a Word type of person..

You are Word 2007!
It would be tough to find a book, poem, document or report that you haven't read. You love the spoken and written word, and you thrive on information. You are known for being verbose, but eloquent. Among the four 2007 Office applications, you possess the most chutzpah, particularly because you know what "chutzpah" means and have added it to your own Office dictionary. Your vocabulary is constantly growing; even the latest buzz words won't slow down your spell-checker. Secretly you may admit that you miss having Clippy looking over your shoulder. With the new Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can spend more time doing your favorite thing - writing - and less time formatting. You have always been effective at communicating and collaborating, and now you'll find it more efficient and enjoyable than ever. Your favorite new feature in Office 2007 may well be the new blogging tool in Word 2007.

Not Office related but just unbelievable, the latest advert for Sony's brand new lead title Gran Turismo HD uses a picture from the year old Microsoft Project Gotham Racing 3...

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  1. Graham says:

    Thanks for the round up. May I just suggest that it might be time for Office Rocker to broaden its remit slightly and begin to include posts that have bigger ‘crossover’ appeal. That way you could market office more effectively to those who aren’t already in the know. I suspect that, to some, the technical language adopted by your blog might provide something of a barrier. To develop YOUR brand, as well as office, why not cut loose from office a bit and really LET RIP. You are obviously a good blogger and have interesting things to say about life. Let’s have it.

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