Barcelona – traveling with Vista and Office

T-15 days to launch

I'm at IT Forum in Barcelona speaking to press for a few days which is fun.  The wireless network is good and what with the incredible battery life on my HP, I am experiencing a different level of mobility.

Some nice features of Outlook which help:

As I'm an hour ahead here and am pretty much continuing on the launch work via IM and phone, it helps to be able to have appointments from home and those here in the calendar.

In the new appointment, click on timezones and you get this new capability which sorts out the time difference issue so you don't get it wrong and miss things or turn up an hour early.



Also the out of office assistant is much better.  Now that I'm on Exchange Server 2007 I can be much more specific about my OOF message:


I can set the time when the OOF will go on and turn off and I can have a different external to internal message and manage temporary rules all in one place.

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  1. live in r. lithuania . noemployed…mobile:(+37)

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