When shall we three meet again?

147Back from holiday (gratuitous picture right), rested and recharged (allbeit with an airplane cold).  I should point out to all those who were worried by me showing a bluescreen on the last post that it actually took us about a month to engineer that picture which is probably why Mark looks so inanely happy about it.

My mailbox got moved to Exchange 2007 while I was away on holiday and I thought I'd share one of the new features that this enables in Outlook when booking a meeting.

Here is a meeting request with a couple of people.  Click the new "rooms" button on the right and add some rooms.

meeting request 

Then if you click on the schedule assistant, you get this new feature set:

schedule assistant crop

The assistant shows you available slots where you could schedule the meeting.  The dates on the calendar are colour coded, blue for a bad day, white for a good day to try.  Click on a day and you see the slots and how many of the people and rooms are available.  Much easier now to get together to catch up on those holiday stories - or plan a launch, whatever.

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