Blogging tools OneNote and SharePoint Server 2007

Blogging tools are all over the news today with the release of the new Microsoft blogging tool, Microsoft Windows Live Writer which is now in beta. 

The tool is really great.  I am really impressed by it.  You just put in the URL to your blog and does the rest.  The editor seems to create a WYSIWYG post in the same theme as your blog (very nice).  I'll try it on a few different blogging platforms and report back to you.

Other blogging functionality that we have in the 2007 release of Office includes the new capability to blog direct from Word 2007 and from OneNote 2007.  I have been using this for a while now so I thought I would record another blogcast demo of it.  I've also included a demo of how to set up the new SharePoint Server 2007 blog template and then I show how to use OneNote to post to it.  Hope you find it useful..

If you would like to see the full screen version, you can get to it here or see it in this youtube control below by clicking on it.

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  1. The Big K says:

    Hi Darren!

    Thanks for the link. I’ll surely try out One Note 2007.

    Side note: Why do we need one note, when the live writer is doing the magic 😉

    -The Big K-


  2. Ok so I’ve had a chance to use the live writer tool now on several blogs.  I have used it here on…

  3. I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G)

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