Technology catch 22’s

09 August 2006


Continuing my period of angst with technology, and inspired somewhat by Charles Arthur's chocolate teapots..can you relate to any of these classic tech gotchas?

Some, thankfully, hark back to a bygone age of computing and some are new..

Chocolate teapots, Inflatable dartboards, solar powered torches and my favourite, luminous sundials..

  • The network drivers are on the network share
  • Email credentials have been emailed to you
  • The recent Vista build where windows explorer crashed whenever you opened my documents. So to blow it away and rebuild, I need to backup my files.. Tricky with no file management..
  • Another Vista favourite - the extended desktop display settings dialogue is on the extended monitor which is no longer attached to the machine.
  • BT broadband classic - emailed the service request about the fact your adsl is down..which you can't access because your adsl is down.
  • Need to configure the wireless router but the wireless is down and you are downstairs using the wireless mediacentre machine in the kitchen..
  • The classic windows boot message "There is no keyboard detected, press F1 to continue"


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