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Following on from my recent Death by PowerPoint post which was all about making presentations better for the audience - here's one for the nerdy presenter. I'm loving my new toy, the Microsoft Presenter 3000 device.

I can't find it anywhere online unfortunately (add a comment if you can) but it is very cool.

It comes with a small (2cm) USB transmitter which connects to the clicker. It has either presentation mode which lets you do next slide, back a slide, blank slide, stop/start slide show or mouse mode where you can use the joystick as a mouse. It has a timer which counts down the minutes and buzzes in your hand 2 minutes before the end and of course a laser pointer in the middle too. It seems to have a range of about 15 metres or so.


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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Very cool! When did that come out???

    Found it all over Froogle . . .


  2. Steve Bryce says:

    It does look cool. I like that this has all the features of the competing devices – some have timers but not joysticks, others have joysticks but not timers. This seems to have everything.

    Unfortunately it is not yet on the uk version of Froogle.

    Interestingly, the prices on the US version of Froogal are pretty good – mostly around $40-45.

    The question is (and Darren should really be the one to talk about this as he is a Product Manager) whether Microsoft will release it in the UK at a fair price, taking into account the current exchange rate of 1.9.

    I mean, I would be happy to pay £25 for this which would be fair given the exchange rate plus a bit for the extra shipping. However I am willing to bet that the price in the UK will be at least £40. Looking at a similar Logitech product at dabs.com, the price could be closer to £50, which would be utterly extortionate given that it is well over twice what the Americans are paying.

    Too many companies are unwilling to accept that we now live in a global economy and are desperately trying to cling to ancient price models which dictate that Americans should be subsidised by the rest of the world with  Europeans being charged rather more, and with the British charged even more hugely over the odds.

    Given that Microsoft have done more that most companies to usher in the Internet age which allows us to compare worldwide prices in an instant, lets hope that they act fairly towards their UK consumers and charge a price roughly equivalent to what our US cousins pay.

  3. Jason Thompson says:

    The only place I can find this is in PC World and they have a limited amount of stock….

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