2007 Office beta 2 available for public download today!

Finally I am super super excited (as it were) to announce that beta 2 is now public - hurray!

You can download it free from here.

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  1. Thanks, looking forward to getting to play with the new version of Office.

  2. Sean Murphy says:

    Any thoughts on what is wrong with online activation?  Without paying much attention, I am about 10 opens away from being locked out and all attempts to activate have been denied with errors about internet connection not being detected.

  3. Jef says:

    Any hope to see the Domino Connector from Outlook 2003 be in OUtlook 2007?  Those of us sentenced to Domino hell want to use a mail client that is not circa 1993 (Notes). 🙂

  4. dave t says:

    Phew! After three hours I finally managed to sneak in and activate my copy of OneNote 2007…my poor wee fingers clicking clicking…

    It is great but WHY does it insist every time I start up on telling me to download Windows Search 3.0…coz every time I DO, it won’t install properly. Damm.

    Now to try and get Outlook up and running. Joy! You guys have done a great job – remind me to dig out the paperwork for an MBE or two – why should Bill get all the awards?

  5. Steve Bryce says:

    I downloaded and installed Office, OneNote, Project, Visio and the Business Contact Manager extension.

    Outlook refused to open (it hung on the Migrating Account Settings), tried safe mode – same result, tried detect and repair – same result.

    I uninstalled the Business Contact Manager and then everything worked like a dream.

    I’ll continue playing tonight.

  6. Ok, so I missed this announcement when it came out last week (I was having a break scuba diving,…

  7. spanky340 says:

    I’ve played with the beta for a few days now and I’m finding it REALLY slow.  It reminds me of using Office on my old TC1000 tabletpc (currently using TC4200).

    Starting it up, opening the Calendar, opening emails, etc are all slow (at least when opening for the first time after each boot).

    Anyone have some info on this speed issue?  


    Steven Snell.

  8. Office 2007 download

  9. Alok says:

    Need to view the new features

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