UK Office System Developer Conference 2006

Most weeks somebody on Officerocker asks me about whether we are running the devcon this year. I’m pleased to be able to announce we have the second UK Office devcon planned for June 21-22nd. Last year we tried this out not knowing what sort of response we would get. We sold out in about a week and had to extend the event, and then we sold out again – not bad considering the only advertising we did was to push out a note on technet newsletter.

This year is very exciting with the 2007 Microsoft Office system coming in October and with significant improvements to the platform and developer opportunities. After the success of last year, we have created a slightly bigger event than last year and we are looking forward to spending time with developers from partners and customers.

If you are keen on coming and spending a couple of days with us in Hammersmith then have a look at the website here.

Comments (3)

  1. Darren are you, or ss anyone, aware of any ‘Geek Dinners’ being organised for the evening of the 21st?

  2. yes indeed.  it was very popular last year so we will run the dinner again so we get a chance to chat to you and answer questions etc.  You register for this as part of the conference registration.  Hope to see you there.

  3. Weds and Thurs this week we held the second ever UK Office Developer Conference following on from the…

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