Beer and pizza evening follow up

We had a good turn out at the Technet beer and pizza event in Reading this week.  Thanks for all your kind comments.  I said that I would post the slides so here they are.  I'm having a few issues with anonymous access on my support site so if it asks for credentials just cancel and it should let you in anyway.  The final link to the archive on the Technet site will be here (should have the deck there by next week).

The demos I covered were:

  • user interface in 2007

    • The ribbon etc in Word, PowerPoint, Excel

  • Outlook 2007

    • search, RSS feeds, offline documents

  • OneNote 2007

    • integration with Outlook

  • Enterprise Content Management

    • the new SharePoint v3 look
    • different document library templates
    • creating custom columns and enforcing metadata on documents
    • creating custom content types
    • using InfoPath 2007 to create custom Information panels for metadata in documents
    • Adding workflow, archival and Information Rights Management policies to documents and content types

  • Business Intelligence

    • Connecting to analysis services in SQL via Excel and drilling down via pivot charts and pivot tables
    • Using Visio as a drill down tool

I also prepared a demo on Project Portfolio Manager Server 2007 which I ran out of time to show.  I will be recording some more of these to add to the collection of blogcasts.

Some good questions on the night:

  • I like the indexing and search capabilities of Outlook.  My company uses roaming profiles so will the index move with me if I log on from a different PC?

    • because psts and the ost file do not roam, it doesn't make sense to move an index either.  Besides, its a big file to lug around the network with you.

  • Can I customise the way the panes minimise in Outlook so the don't go on the sides but maybe at the bottom?  (I'm getting a crick in my neck)

    • no sorry.

The best comment goes to a chap who asked why, in 2007, are we still using a floppy disk as the icon for "save"???? 🙂

If I've forgotten a question I said I'd get back to you on please post a comment here.

Comments (14)

  1. Steve Bryce says:

    My comment on the Save icons may have been ‘The best of the night’ but I didn’t get any of the prizes which you mentioned at the start of the brief!

    On another note. A question which I didn’t ask on the night, but which I remembered this morning:

    Is there any change in the way that Outlook 2007 handles declined meeting requests? Just because you definately aren’t attending a meeting (and therefore don’t want to select the Tenetative option) doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be aware that it is happening.

    Currently if you decline a meeting request, it is not shown at all in your diary and the original email goes into the deleted items. A great feature would be for an option to decline a meeting request, but still have the abilty to show it in your calendar with time as ‘Free’, or set to a category of your choice. Even better would be if the meeting were ghosted, to make it really obvious that it is happening but you are not attending.

  2. dstrange says:

    Steve, please email me your postal address 🙂

    A comment like that deserves some recognition..

    I’m afraid none of the meeting behaviour you are asking for is changing in 2007.  It works the same as before with declines not appearing anymore.  However if you tentatively accept, you can mark it as free so it doesn’t affect your free busy but if you decline it will delete it as before.  

  3. Steve Bryce says:

    Done – many thanks.

    The problem with ‘Tentative’ is that it gives the meeting organiser a misleading impression that you might turn up in his tracking data, which might affect his decision regarding room size, refreshment orders etc. etc.

    Worse in Office 2003, if you decline and then drag the meeting request from the deleted items back onto the Calendar then Outlook assumes you are attending and sends a acceptance message to the meeting organiser automatically without the intervention of the user. This can be surprising behaviour the first time it happens to you!

  4. dstrange says:

    I just tested this and when I declined it sent the decline to the organiser.  Then I dragged it back from deleted items into my calendar where it defaulted to tentative but did not send anything to the organiser.  I then changed the status to "show as free" and saved it.  I still show as declined in the organisers tracking stats for the meeting but it is in my diary as "free".  It also looks a little bit different to accepted meetings as it has a little space/tab on the left hand end of the appointment to show that its not attached to my timeline.

  5. Steve Bryce says:

    General opinion here is that that is much better behaviour (now if we can just persuade our IT department to upgrade…).

  6. Steven says:

    Darren, I’d LOVE to see a demo of the new Office 2007 Forms Server.  Is it possible to get some hands-on info about this package?

  7. Steve says:

    Darren, Thanks for the great talk and demo. My question is surrounding SharePoint 2007 Services. All the demos and information I can find (including your demo last Tuesday) are of Office 2007 server. Is it possible you could post a link to a document or webpage which shows the differences between the free SharePoint 2007 Services product and the new Office 2007 Server product?



  8. dstrange says:

    The new release, SharePoint Server 2007 builds on the new version of Windows Sharepoint Server (v3) in a similar way to how SharePoint Portal Server 2003 builds on WSS v2 today.  The official answer to how does SharePoint server build on WSS is given here: where it says:

    Windows SharePoint Services provides a platform foundation to collaboration applications, offering a common framework for document management and a common repository for storing documents of all types. Additionally, it provides common administration and deployment tools. Finally, it builds on and exposes key Windows Server services like Windows Workflow Services (WWS) and Windows Rights Management Services. Office SharePoint Server 2007 delivers highly scalable collaboration solutions with flexible deployment and management tools. It connects sites, people, and business processes-facilitating knowledge sharing and smart organizations. It also extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services by providing organizational and management tools for SharePoint sites, and by making it possible for teams to publish information to the entire organization.

  9. Steve says:

    Thanks for the quick reply and the FAQ link. In the FAQ webpage the last question in the General Information section asks "How do I get Windows SharePoint Services?” The answer states that Windows SharePoint Services v3 is already out in beta. Is this a misprint or has the beta been released. If it has been could you post a link to where I can download the beta?


  10. dstrange says:

    there is a beta 1 but this is not for public release.  Beta 2 is the first public one and its out in <arrgghhh! muffled, garotting sound>

  11. At a recent TechNet evening that I hosted with my pal Darren Strange one member of the audience pointed…

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