Blogcast: Outlook 2007 (14mins)

In this blogcast I demo some of the new features of Outlook 2007.  In particular I look at how it can consume RSS feeds and show off some of the great integration with SharePoint Server 2007 as well.  Also have a look at the OneNote 2007 blogcast which shows further Outlook integration.

If you watch it, please tell me what you think in a comment - its great for me to know what your favourite part of the demo was or ask any questions you may have.



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  1. Wayne Taylor says:

    Great BlogCast, it’s the first time I’ve seen Outlook 2007(?). One question I would have to ask is with OL2003, outlook though out the day when working in cahced mode, pops up allot with various messages and my clients think there are issues, is this managed any better.

    Great to see a RSS reader…


  2. Swabes says:

    Nice Blogcast – good quality video and audio. Quick question: Is the SharePoint/Outlook link a two way thing? So If I change a document on Outlook does it synch back up to SharePoint?

  3. dstrange says:

    Outlook 2003 does pop up telling you things about the connection and so on.  These all seem to be contained within the status bar now and you can also control that by clicking on the Connected to Exchange message which brings up this menu, which lets you select what stuff you want it tell you about – or not.

  4. Well done. Thanks for doing this.

  5. Dave t says:

    Good stuff – thanks for taking the time to do it.  Can you do a bit on contacts next time as I use them all the time, linking docs and action notes etc with the people concerned.

    Can’t wait to get my grubby wee hands on the new version next year!

  6. dstrange says:

    I just had a play around with contacts and its pretty easy too.  You can create a new page on any sharepoint site for contacts list.  You then get the same actions.. connect to Outlook option.  A team can then all connect this way to the shared contacts.  I think from there you get all the usual journal features but haven’t tested how this syncs.  Check the OneNote blogcast too which shows how you can connect notes held in OneNote with the contact.  This worked fine too.  You can then also drag the notes into a shared workbook which the team could share as well.  Not tested that full scenario yet on B1TR as there are a few glitches currently.

  7. Sean Murphy says:

    Great Stuff!  I have been reading (and watching) your stuff for a few weeks once I got turned on to it.  I really appreciate you doing this and letting us see what is to come.  It really makes my 2003 suite seem pretty sad overall.  It was great when it came out but I can barely bring myself to use outlook right now as it is so crippled compared to what you have shown here.  Hey, if you ever need any more Beta testers, I’d be happy to help!

  8. Kirk says:

    Great blog cast.  I liked your one note blog cast too.  I can’t wait to give Office 2007 a try.

  9. Kirik says:

    Great blog cast.  I liked your one note blog cast too.  I can’t wait to give Office 2007 a try.

  10. Sid says:

    Another great video Darren.  I just became part of the Office Beta program and will be able to use all these tips you blog about.  The more I look at your blogcasts, the more I am tempted to create one of my own.


  11. Chris says:

    Are you using a tablet pc?  I am curious what model are you using and if you like it over a normal laptop.   I noticed in your video you penned some work in onenote.

  12. dstrange says:

    Chris I run a tosh M4 tablet with 1Gb RAM.  I also have an older tosh with 512Mb and it runs 2007 fine as well.  Basically if Office 2003 runs on your machine, it should run 2007.  The recorder app I use for blogcasts (Windows media encoder) takes a lot of power to run though!  I’m also running 2007 Office on a Dell XPS on Windows Vista with glass enabled on 1920 pixels – now that looks super cool!  

  13. S.Snell says:

    Darren, just bookmarked your site as I’m coming back everyday to watch another blog-cast or 2.

    I purchased the public release beta for Office 2003.  Any word when the Office Beta will be available for public trial (I’m in Australia).


  14. emmanuel says:


    Thank you very much for this excellent demo. I just bought a tablet pc  and I am currently devising new ways to use this magic tool. It seems I have to wait a few more months because one note 2007 is even more powerful.

    By the way, which software did you use to make the demo ?


  15. dstrange says:

    thanks – glad it was useful!  I use Windows Media Encoder 9.0 to record the demo – thanks to the help of my colleague John Howard – check his tips at:

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  19. I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G)

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