Dev conf continued

Kurt DelBene on now - bit of marketing slideware for a while (sorry I started checking email there)
Mike Fitzmaurice is on now showing some SharePoint Server demos:
Shows new webparts to filter data on a backend - very slick BI using IFiltervalues interface.

Kurt back on again

  • "A lot of company applications come down to issue tracking"

  • Tons of templates - eg blogs and wikis part of sharepoint sites now

  • SharePoint project template with option to upscale to project

  • Groove - talks about peer to peer ability

  • SharePoint offline via Outlook, Access and Groove to take content on the road

  • Mobile interface to SharePoint via mobile browser

  • shows Wiki demo (actually its more of an RTC integration demo)

    • presence enabled via RTC integration in context

    • VOIP actions will be included

    • web client version of communicator

    • extensible model for IM for custom apps so easy to build presence into apps

    • AJAX sdk for office communicator out end of this month

  • Productive-yet-compliant solutions for producing, managing, and securing any kind of content

  • possible to build compliance solutions on the platform

  • Content types, publish to SharePoint site so docs know their meta data and the default workflow and policies.

  • make it easy for people to add metadata - so they will bother

  • ECM demo (Ethan Gur-esh)

    • shows setting up a policy for a content type

    • uses document integrity class

    • events are defined (bit hard to read all the code on the live feed)

  • Business Process integration applications built on SharePoint and InfoPath

  • putting infopath front ends onto backends like SAP

  • Enterprise single-sign on to back end systems - v cool

  • Business data integration demo (Kamaljit Bath):

    • government solution using InfoPath forms shown via a browser

    • form is integrating with webservices behind that to respond to data in the form

    • data validation etc all works just like

    • moves form along in the workflow and sends it via email to someone

    • launches full infopath form (intranet), assigned person to form etc, sends it on

    • can develop form within visual studio with all the infopath like tabs, adds code to an event.  all the debugging works etc - cool

  • Search: "industry leading relevancy and breadth"

    • using search inside custom apps

    • expertise location via mysites

    • search center - customisable page in SharePoint

    • Business data catalogue - exposed via the search center

    • IFilters and protocol handlers still the architecture for extending search

    • search alerts - via RSS into tools, inc Outlook

    • good architecture slide - must try and get hold of that for presentations

  • Last demo:  CRM style demo

    • portal showing hot leads with conditional formating - data view control from SharePoint designer

    • changes one item (status field) so it gets filtered differently

    • creates activity to follow up with account

    • used apps to consume including Access - can also take offline with full reporting and charts etc - v cool


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