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I've been meaning to record a OneNote 2007 demo for a while so here it is.  OneNote 2007 is a very important application now in Office.  You will see it is included in both the Home and Student Edition and in the Enterprise Edition.  It really is a very sophisticated product with superb integration with other applications.  This demo shows you some of the integration with Outlook 2007 as well as other applications as well as a showing off some of the new look and capabilities.  I've boosted the audio bit rate on this blogcast so it should be easier to follow.


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  1. Anil Kripalani says:

    Nice demo.  Thanks.  Especially liked the Search with OCR.

    How come OneNote 2007 doesn’t have the new UI like other Office applications (Like Office button in upper left, ribbon bar, etc.)?


  2. Sid says:

    I really liked the video, especially the where you tell how OneNote integrates with Outlook.

    Your and your readers might like my blogs. – collection of OneNote powertoys – News/Reviews about note-taking programs like OneNote

  3. dstrange says:

    cool Sid thanks

  4. dstrange says:

    The reason the new UI doesn’t appear in all office applications comes down to resources.  We began with the core applications and particularly those to do with document creation.  Over time, I’m sure we’ll look at a contextual UI for the other apps but OneNote is not going to get that treatment in 2007.  I particularly miss the mini-bar and the header galleries when using OneNote 2007 but nevertheless I am completely won over by the Outlook integration in particular.

  5. wouter says:

    keep up the good work

  6. dstrange says:

    more on the "which apps get the new UI" at

  7. Nino.Mobile says:

      TMM is publishing again… it was one of those "life gets in the way things"…


  8. Hej folkens

    Jeg interesserer mig jo en del  for tablet-verdenen, da man jo som studerende tager…

  9. Matt Sharpe says:

    Hey, OneNote 2007 is looking cool! I use onenote regularly for notetaking in uni lectures. I have a question: will OneNote become part of the main Office packages?


    Matt Sharpe

  10. dstrange says:

    Yes as I say, OneNote is becoming a very important application in Office.  It enters in two of the new skus in 2007; the new high end collaboration sku, Enterprise Edition, for volume licencing customers, and the new "Home and Student" edition for consumers where OneNote replaces Outlook.  Home and Student removes the restriction of needing to be a student (as was the case with Student and teacher edition).  For more check out which has all the different versions and whats in each one listed out in a handy table.  cheers, Darren

  11. KeithS says:

    In the cast you spent some time on integration with Outlook, however the new version OutlooK isn’t in the Home edition, which is surely the version that most OneNote users will buy . How does this fit together, will there be a new version of Outlook Express aimed  at home users, will the integration work with older versions of Outlook , or will it be necessary to buy a standalone version of Outlook in order to get the functionality?  It just seems a little odd that Outlook is missing when so much effort has obviously been put into integrating the two products.  In any event thanks for the broadcast it was most useful.

    Keith Scholes

  12. dstrange says:

    good point.  The Enterprise sku is the one that really combines the two – OneNote and Outlook but I have to agree with you, we could be missing a trick in the home sku.  I wonder if there are plans to enhance OL express as you suggest.  I’ll see what I can find out.

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  14. dstrange says:

    OK coming back on a few questions from this I got this response from the OneNote dev team:

    We do not have VSTO integration in this release, nor increased OE integration. The OE point is interesting. Basically we’ve just heard little or no demand for increased OE integration to this point. I expect more people to ask this question with the new Office 2007 SKUs. Part of the issue on our end is the vastly greater variety of clients used for personal e-mail accounts (I suspect that the browser is the overwhelming winner there, and integrating with it for things like this is awkward, although doable). For work e-mail, Outlook is used in a large and increasing majority of cases, so it’s a much richer target – plus it simply has more features that touch on OneNote scenarios, like tasks.

  15. Paul says:

    I still don’t understand why Outlook and Office aren’t in the same package for home users.

    It stands out as not being entirely fair, given the only way to get both is Enterprise Edition.

    Are Microsoft saying Student and home users aren’t meant to use Outlook. Wouldn’t students benefit from the calendar and task features, especially integration with onenote?

    Different question – do outlook categories integrate with onenote? Most note software packages eg Evernote have categorisation of notes , but its missing from the current version of onenote.

  16. dstrange says:

    You can of course still buy Outlook as a stand-alone product which is the main way we will make it available to home users.  Outlook is aimed more at the business user who also has Exchange server.  This is why it is included in all 6 business oriented skus starting with the basic and standard editions.  Many consumers are quite happy with their hotmail or outlook express solution so we decided that OneNote was a better app to include in Home and Student.  

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    Let me count the ways…

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  22. I really liked the whole idea of including OneNote 2007 in Office 12. The video is nice.

    I’ll try the other blogcasts too.

    Keep up the good work. 😉

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  24. Jake Matazon says:

    Meager search capabilities: SEARCH, Search,sEArch,SearCH,SearcH,SEARCH…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  25. dstrange says:

    what’s your point Jake? or can’t you FIND the words?  Searching text in images, handwriting and spoken words in audio is pretty much state of the art I’d have said.  When you’re done with "fun with your Caps Lock key" perhaps you can elaborate and we can have a meaningful dialogue?

  26. How doth OneNote 2007 love Outlook? Let me count the ways… From the beginning of OneNote we’ve had a

  27. I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G)

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