Come and meet me

I'll be speaking at the technet event here in Reading on 25th April so come and say hi.
I'll be showing off the latest 2007 Office release of course but not yet decided what to demo.
If you have anything you'd really like to see let me know.  If you can make it, it would be great to see you - and there's beer and pizza 🙂

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  1. LOL says:

    Must we?

  2. dstrange says:

    except you LOL

  3. Carl Dodds says:

    We are currently using Office, SharePoint (about to get portal server) and Project all 2003 versions. We are about to impliment Microsoft CRM 3.0 BUT all these are used as almost independant systems – from your excellent Blog Posts you’ve given us a taster of how these can be integrated with the 2007 versions – can you expand more on this.

    I’m also the only user of OneNote in the company – I would like to know more about OneNote 2007 so I can start to "evangalise" this cool product to my collegues.

  4. Guy Gregory says:

    I was going to say the same thing! We use sharepoint loads and we love it, we’re also about to implement CRM 3.0 – I’d be really interested to see what’s coming up in Office 2007 in terms of integration with the Server products.

    See you on the 25th!

  5. I was chatting to Brett about blogging today – he’s been desperate to start blogging (he’s got so much…

  6. Andy Wright says:

    Is this gig still on?

    I’ve just tried to check the location and time (via the link above)and it seems to have disappeared from the MS events listing.

    And it no longer appears in "My Events".

  7. Sarah Stobie, Microsoft Events Team says:

    Re: Come and meet me

    Andy, I have checked and you are registered on to the event. The link closes the day before each event so this is why you are not able to view it. The event is located at Thames Valley Park in Reading and will run from 18:00pm-21:00pm.

  8. We had a good turn out at the Technet beer and pizza event in Reading this week.  Thanks for all…

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