What’s in a name? The 2007 Microsoft Office System

In case you missed the announcement, we finally ditched Office "12" and can now talk about the "2007 Microsoft Office System release" instead so time for me to update my autosig yet again.   

The 2007 Office release is the most significant release of Office for a decade, adding further servers, applications and services to expand and enhance the Office System.


All of the detailed information is available on the preview site as usual but here is a short summary:


There are three important new suites which give our customers greater choice in finding a version of Office that suits their specific needs, whether home or business users.  There are two new suites for our volume license customers:

·         Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (a significantly updated release of Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003)

·         Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007


And for home users:

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (which will no longer require the presence of a student in the household to qualify for purchase)

We have also announced two new product offerings:

  • Microsoft Office Groove 2007 – an update of the Groove Virtual Office collaboration software
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 – which will allow for the delivery of compelling and attractive Sharepoint sites, workflow-enabled applications and reporting tools on the Sharepoint platform

We’ve also announced new and improved servers within the 2007 Microsoft Office System

·         Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

·         Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

·         Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007

·         Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007

·         Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007


To answer Guy Kewney's question the plan is still to ship our public beta in the spring (that's northern hemisphere's spring) and release the full product by the end of 2006.


The full name "2007 Microsoft Office System", although admittedly a bit harder to say (and I challenge anyone who reckons they have to say it more often than I do), is emphasising the vision of Office which is be the provide the whole environment for information workers.  That is not just the apps you know today like Word, Excel and PowerPoint but the tightly integrated combination of the servers, services, Applications and Solutions. 



Comments (6)

  1. Simona says:

    OK, I have a question:

    I am a little concerned that I do seem to be getting very over-excited about this new release of Office.  It is so FANTASTIC (oops, see what I mean?) that I even find myself striking up conversation with complete strangers about it.  So my question is, is this normal or should I be seeking urgent medical attention?

  2. Christian Koerner says:

    I think the choice to not include Outlook in the Home in Student SKU will backfire big time!

    The reason many large enterprises choose to stay with MS Office and not go with say OpenOffice is because the TCO of MS Office is lower than the alternatives because most users know Office, and most notably Outlook.

    Changing to for instance Notes or GroupWise is considered by many endusers as a step backwards. But Notes and GroupWise would most surly be a step FORWARD from the Vista integrated solution.

    So now we in the future get endusers, who do not know Outlook, and one of the prime arguments disappear on why to spend more $$$ on MS Office than open source alternatives for large public organisations like the one I work in.

    This is what eventually will happen in this strategy!


  3. I’ve seen a couple of press releases about Office 12.  Its got several opinions about what we’re…

  4. dstrange says:

    I take your point Christian about the familiarity with OL reducing the training TCO and it is a bet we are making here.

    The home and student edition does however get OneNote 2007 – this resonates fantastically with students in particular.  You have to also look at our other strategies for the consumer space too.  You can see with our announcements in Windows and Office Live that we will be moving to a model where we offer many valuable hosted services to customers, particularly consumers and small biz.  Many consumers today are already using one of our online offerings for email such as hotmail, hotmail plus or have just stuck with Outlook express.  Going back to your familiarity arguement, the new hotmail client is looking more and more like Outlook so there is a great deal of consistency there.

    Outlook will still be available to buy FPP so consumers can still purchase it if they want to.

  5. Yesterday’s presentations were to two groups of sales managers from Computacenter to whom I attempted…

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