becoming a better spokesperson

I'm enjoying Matthew Stibbe's recent posts:
"how to build a good relationsip with the media" and
 "how to give a good interview".  Although I now do a fair few press interviews in my Office 12 job, I am still relatively new at it.  It can be tricky to balance getting the "company line" across and the pertinent facts but also giving a personal perspective.  It's always good to hear it from the other side and get the journalists perspective. 

In developing this blog, I've found its really helpful to have a clear view of who I am writing for and to imagine their reaction to things I write.  Its encouraging to hear about how much journalists use websites and blogs and it is a good way for me to give a personal opinion as well as highlight events.  Thanks to those who have given me tips and feedback on the blog and please if you are reading my waffle regularly, do drop me a note/comment with your feedback.  The stats on viewings are promising but then 83% of statistics are made up (I made that up) and its no substitute to making personal contact with people.

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