Blogcast: Intro to the Office 12 user interface

Sometimes its better to show than to tell so I thought I'd have a go at recording one of my demos of the new user interface in Office 12.  It is recorded with only 16 colours so it will look a lot nicer in real life.  I'm attaching the spreadsheet that I used in the excel 12 demo in case you have beta 1 and fancy doing this demo yourself.
I think the sound went a bit dodgy in the word section for a few seconds but it recovers.  If people like the idea, I'll look at doing more of these so let me know.

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  1. Brad Corbin says:

    Very nice demonstration.

    Because of the low encoding bitrate, the audio is a bit fuzzy at times. Or maybe its just your British accent 🙂

  2. Ben Kirk says:

    I really enjoyed that blogcast. I’ve been an avid follower of Jensen Harris’ blog for a while now, but to see all those new interface features in action is great. For anyone who’s not a Beta1 tester, it’s the closest they’ll get to seeing the real thing for a while.

    As an IT trainer, I have a professional interest as well as a personal interest in the new Office suite. I can see us doing a very large number of "upgrade" courses come 2007.

    I have to agree with Brad though, the quality of the sound meant I missed about 70% of what you said. Better sound and visual quality would be preferable, for any future blogcasts you do. We won’t mind the increased download time.

  3. Simona says:

    Fantastically useful – thanks!  🙂  Bearing in mind the compression that must have gone on to squeeze this 17 minute demo into 9MB I think the sound and visual is great.

  4. We had a good turn out at the Technet beer and pizza event in Reading this week.  Thanks for all…

  5. Today’s presentation (number 89) to the assembled PR agencies of Microsoft nearly didn’t…

  6. I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G)

  7. The UI god (and thoroughly nice bloke) that is Jensen Harris has put together a new demo video that shows

  8. The UI god (and thoroughly nice bloke) that is Jensen Harris has put together a new demo video that shows

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