WordPerfect announce support for OpenXML

According to Clive Akass (who I demo'd O12 to earlier in the week) in his recent post "New Wordperfect will support Office 12 formats" Corel have announced that they, like us, will be supporting PDF and our new file format for O12, OpenXML.  Even more significant - they are not going to support ODF.  To quote Clive's article,

But he admitted that X3 does not support the Open Document Format (ODF), which is being proposed as a rival standard, "because no customer that we are currently dealing with as asked us to do so."

However there seems to be an opposite view on CRN.  A note on that post by the way, we will not be supporting the importing and editing of PDF, only the exporting of Office 12 documents to PDF.

More on our file format change can be found at Brian Jones' blog and he has posted some recent presentations on the subject.

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  1. a says:

    broken link

  2. dstrange says:

    woops sorry about that, works now

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