One-take Raikes: Jeff Raikes

Not wishing to name drop but it was an absolute pleasure to do the demo for Jeff on stage at our customer launch event.  Jeff is one of the three presidents in Microsoft and reports in to Steve Ballmer and Bill.  I am a tiny flea in his org basically. It was interesting to get…


Delays due to resurfacing

We have launched.  I am happy about that and also absolutely knackered.  We launched to press on the 30th at the diamond club in the Arsenal stadium.  The customer launch followed on the 5th December in the QEII centre in Westminster with some 300 top customers execs there for an event focussing on the business…


Fighting the second law of thermodynamics

T-13 days An understanding of physics, I always maintain, is a useful foundation for living.  It helps to understand why launching a product can feel like an uphill struggle.  The reason is that the entropy always increases.  Put another way, the natural order of things is to descend into ever greater degrees of chaos.  If…


IT forum virtual side

They’ve done a great job on the virtual conference site so if you can’t be here, you can still join in. You can tap into all the Office system content here.


Barcelona – traveling with Vista and Office

T-15 days to launch I’m at IT Forum in Barcelona speaking to press for a few days which is fun.  The wireless network is good and what with the incredible battery life on my HP, I am experiencing a different level of mobility. Some nice features of Outlook which help: As I’m an hour ahead…


Job’s a good ‘un: Office RTMs, Outlook adds SMS integration

Like a proud parent, I can say with relief that the 2007 Microsoft Office system has been released to manufacturer, meaning it is now complete. We’ve confirmed our joint launch (with Vista and Exchange) on the 30th November.  I’ve been running the RTM build for a few days now and it is absolutely solid.  Interestingly,…


New Office Online launches

We’ve launched the new version of the Office Online site at It has a more “ribbony” feel to it which is nice and it feels very clean and easy to navigate. You can personalise it so that products that you are more interested in are highlighted and content more relevant to your role comes…


Office goes Live 15th Nov

We often talk about the 2007 Microsoft Office system as being the combination of servers, services and applications.  Office Live delivers on a lot of the services piece of this.  Yesterday we announced that it was going live in the US on November 15th.  In the UK it will enter in beta so you will…


When shall we three meet again?

Back from holiday (gratuitous picture right), rested and recharged (allbeit with an airplane cold).  I should point out to all those who were worried by me showing a bluescreen on the last post that it actually took us about a month to engineer that picture which is probably why Mark looks so inanely happy about…


recharge my own batteries

I’m off on holiday for 2 weeks so blog silence will ensue for that time.  What should you read into that?  well probably that I am sure enough that we are on track for launch and that everything is going smoothly.  So have confidence in our timeline.  In the meantime, let me leave you with…