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Hello, welcome to my blog.  I'm Darren Strange, the Office "12" PM in the UK.  My job is to bring Office "12" to market in the UK.  I'm hoping you are here because you are interested in Office and in particular, the next wave of the Office products, servers and services, codenamed Office "12".  This won't be the final name of course just as Longhorn was renamed as Windows Vista.  Office "12" is scheduled for release towards the end of 2006.

I want to use this blog to keep you informed about what is happening in the run up to the launch of Office "12".  Although I will try to post all the main announcements as they are released so you don't miss something, I want to use the blog to add my own personal views and perspective about those announcements.  Where I come across interesting stories or good resources I'll be sharing those too.  I should point out that these views are my own and may not always align with the corporate view - but that's part of the fun about blogging.

I'm looking forward to having some discussions and if you have some feedback on the blog or the product, drop me an email.

Hope it proves to be a help to you. 🙂




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  1. Matthew Taylor says:

    Hi Darren

    Really glad to see that you’re blogging! I attended the Office Developer Conference you laid on at Heathrow back in June (I think) and I left really happy in the feeling that the whole profile of Office has been raised. This feels like a really exciting time to be in the Office development space and people like you blogging can only increase the profile.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Kind regards

  2. Alex Bradley says:


    Welcome to the Blogosphere! I think its great that you’ll be writing a blog in the run up to the release of Office 12, there is so much interest out there which is not always satisfied by conventional channels; I’m sure Office Rocker will be a great success.

    I should add not only a great success with the wider world who are of course most important, but also with us internal lot at Microsoft, (I work alongside Darren in the sales organisation focused on the Microsoft Office System and solutions based on it in the Communications sector), who believe it or not aren’t trying to be obtuse when we say we don’t know much about Office 12!! We’re just as excited as everyone else and can’t wait to get our hands on it!

    Enjoy blogging, I can’t wait to hear about things as they develop.


  3. A lot has happened since I wrote my first post on OfficeRocker! two years ago. I started blogging in

  4. A lot has happened since I wrote my first post on OfficeRocker! two years ago. I started blogging in

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