I name this blog..

people seem to like the name of the blog which is a good start I suppose 🙂  although not everyone has got the double meaning it seems..

To answer the question some are now asking (e.g. Dan) about some of the other names considered (but rejected), here is a short list:

Office Food:   might suggest life is getting to me..

Office Face:   worrying alcohol abuse undertones though did get a lot of laughs in the office

Office Trolley:   did like this one a lot actually and did have the potential for pictures of puddings on wheels - always a bonus

Plenty of variations on Strange (my surname) of course but in the end this was relegated to the title..

      So there you go - you'll probably now tell me you liked one of the above better but hey ho - its now decided so I can get on with posting the content..

"may God bless her and all who post on her".. <smashes bottle of cheap champagne>

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