anonymous comments enabled

pink for embarrased.  sorry I missed the anon comments enablement – should work now!  thanks to Simon Murphy from codematic for pointing this out.


I name this blog..

people seem to like the name of the blog which is a good start I suppose 🙂  although not everyone has got the double meaning it seems.. To answer the question some are now asking (e.g. Dan) about some of the other names considered (but rejected), here is a short list: Office Food:   might suggest life…


PDC content available

thanks to Graham Tyler for pointing out that the PDC material has just been made public.  Terrific resource with full streaming videos of the sessions.  🙂


Beyond features – getting better results without the stress

It’s a common complaint – Why should I buy Office for my staff when they only use 20% of the product?  Ask yourself – even the apps you know best like Word or Excel – how much of their power do you know how to use?  In a time compressed world, who really has the…


Welcome to Office Rocker!

Hello, welcome to my blog.  I’m Darren Strange, the Office “12” PM in the UK.  My job is to bring Office “12” to market in the UK.  I’m hoping you are here because you are interested in Office and in particular, the next wave of the Office products, servers and services, codenamed Office “12”.  This…