Who moved my metadata?

I got caught out yesterday in a demo looking for this so now that I’ve found it I thought I’d post. Where have the meta data – document properties gone in the new UI? The answer is that there is a new view in the bottom view menu where you can select the properties pane. …


Couple of updates on this: I was asked yesterday what happens if you write a doc in Word 12 using Calibri, save it as 97-2003 format and send it to a 2003 user.  Will they see the document in the right font?  Just tested this and it must imbed the font in the document because…


Changing with the Times – new fonts in O12

The new font, Calibri, in Office 12 is one of the 6 new fonts you will find in Office 12.  In 12 it will be Calibri rather than Times New Roman that you find yourself using on a fresh document by default.  Office 12 is the first application to use them and will enable documents to…


Better Christmas results faster

<jolly Santa-type colour for this post>Its been a busy few weeks (even the one I was on holiday for).  We have closed out the beta and Rapid Deployment programmes for Office 12 now and have selected the customers and partners who will be working with us on solution stories for launch.  I am really looking forward…


Office 12 beta 1 ships!!

Its the first milestone in our journey to ship this product – beta 1 was released to the Rapid Deployment Programme today. [:D]  This is a significant stage in the development of the products and its great that we are running to schedule nicely.Having used it now on my live machine for a couple of days…


Focus on the sides not the corners!

I was trying to explain to a few people today where I think we need to focus our solution thinking in the Office 12 timeframe and I came up with this model that I thought I’d share with you all. If I look at the information worker solution space, I think about horizontal solutions as…


Knowledge Discovery and Insight – Business Intelligence for the masses

Office 12 is not the next version of Office, it’s the next wave of our productivity platform.  It has all the programs, servers and services designed for people who work with information.  So far we have talked a lot about the client side changes and about our results oriented approach, starting with the new UI. …


anonymous comments enabled

pink for embarrased.  sorry I missed the anon comments enablement – should work now!  thanks to Simon Murphy from codematic for pointing this out.


I name this blog..

people seem to like the name of the blog which is a good start I suppose 🙂  although not everyone has got the double meaning it seems.. To answer the question some are now asking (e.g. Dan) about some of the other names considered (but rejected), here is a short list: Office Food:   might suggest life…


PDC content available

thanks to Graham Tyler for pointing out that the PDC material has just been made public.  Terrific resource with full streaming videos of the sessions.  🙂