Register Today for Redmond Plugfest and Windows IO Lab 2016!

Register Today for Redmond Plugfest and Windows IO Lab 2016! Join us for our annual Protocols Plugfest and Windows IO Lab at Microsoft! We are excited to discuss Microsoft’s interoperability advancements and work with you and your company’s needs. We encourage you to register today and we look forward to seeing you in Redmond!  …


Save the Date for Redmond Protocols Plugfest + Windows IO Lab!

Mark your calendars, Redmond Protocols Plugfest is from June 13-17, 2016! Windows Interoperability (IO) Lab is from June 20-24, 2016!   What: Redmond Protocols Plugfest: 5-day Microsoft event centered around Open Specifications, interoperability, extensibility and protocol test tools. Attendees will learn more about interoperability within Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows and SQL Server.   Windows…


Registration Now Open for Redmond Plugfest 2015!

The Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest is a valuable event for all developers who use Microsoft Protocols. The Microsoft Interoperability team is hosting their annual Redmond Plugfest this year on June 22nd- 26th, 2015. This event will feature talks covering the very latest in Office, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL and Windows Protocols and File Formats. Interoperability events…



      2015北京互操作技术研讨会   您好! 我们诚挚地邀请您参加2015北京互操作技术研讨会!此次研讨会将于2015年3月16日(星期一)-17日(星期二)召开。 此次为期两天的研讨会,专为与微软的开放文档进行相关工作的开发人员们精心准备。来自Office, Windows和数据平台部门的互操作专家们将提供关于微软互操作技术的综合性演讲,演讲范围将涵盖Windows, SharePoint, Exchange协议和解析器,以及OData服务器。 除了所有精彩演讲以及和与会者交谈之外,您还有机会与微软相关专家面对面交流。 您一定不想错过!现在就点击这里注册!                     


Register Now for the Beijing Interoperability Seminar!

      Beijing Interoperability Seminar 2015       Please join us for the 2015 Beijing Interoperability Seminar! The event will take place on Monday and Tuesday, March 16-17, 2015. This two-day interoperability seminar is intended for developers who work with Microsoft’s Open Specification technology. Interoperability experts from the Office, Windows, and Data Platform teams will offer presentations that provide…


Now Announcing: Protocols Plugfest 2015

  The Microsoft Interop team is pleased to announce their involvement in the first ever Protocols Plugfest located in Europe! The event will take place on May 12th – 14th, 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain at the Center for Art and Technology: Etopia. This new, industry and community driven interoperability event will showcase open source offerings, Microsoft…



2015 北京互操作技术研讨会   下个三月,微软互操作组将在中国北京举办互操作技术研讨会!   诚邀您参加2015北京互操作技术研讨会!时间:2015年3月16日(星期二),17日(星期三)。请注意,日期可能微调。 此次为期两天的研讨会,专为与微软的开放文档进行相关工作的开发人员们精心准备。来自Office, Windows和SQL部门的互操作专家们将提供综合的关于微软互操作技术的演讲,演讲范围将涵盖Windows, SharePoint, Exchange协议和解析器,以及OData服务器。 您一定不想错过!请您保持关注,提前预留时间参与! 注册日期开放时间:2014年11月17日(星期一)。如果需要提醒服务,只需发信给!


Save the Date for the Beijing Interoperability Seminar 2015!

   2015 Beijing Interoperability Seminar   Next March, the Microsoft Interop team will be hosting an interoperability event in Beijing, China!   Please join us for the 2015 Beijing Interoperability Seminar! Please note that the dates have been changed slightly; the event will now take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16-17, 2015. This two-day interoperability…


June 20th-24th: Windows File Sharing and SharePoint Protocols Plugfest Event!

The Office and Windows Interoperability Teams are hosting a free event that will cover the SharePoint front-end and Windows File Sharing protocols. Attendees will have the opportunity to:   Listen to presentations from Microsoft Subject Matter Experts   Meet with members of the SharePoint & Windows product teams Leverage “internal” protocol test tools to test protocol…