Coming this June: Redmond Interoperability Plugfest!

This years’ Redmond Interoperability Plugfest is from June 18th through the 22nd! This week-long event will be filled with presentations centered around interoperability across the Windows, SQL Server, and Office platforms. Event details: What: Redmond Interoperability Plugfest When: June 18-22, 2018 Where: Microsoft The Commons Mixer Who: Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers Cost: FREE! Here…

宣布Microsoft 365 DevDays 议程!

Microsoft 365 DevDays 议程 现已发布!2018年3月17日到18日,Microsoft将在微软亚太研发集团总部举办活动。此次活动将为您打包奉上与Office 365和SQL Server平台深入见解相关的实操工作坊和演示。 这里是一部分我们即将为您带来的激动人心的主题! 通过将邮件应用程序转换为Microsoft Graph来探索云的威力 Azure SQL 数据仓库: 如何设计、构建和管理 PB 级数据仓库 WW 与波兹曼比较 企业中的高级移动性与安全性   Microsoft 合作伙伴将有机会展示应用程序解决方案。如果您有兴趣参加这个展示, 请在报名表格上注明,或者通过邮件联系我们。 这绝对是一个您不愿错过的活动! 注册现已开放 ,您可以在这里找到所有的议程细节。 有任何问题请与我们联系。 *请注意:本次活动的大部分会议将以中文形式进行。


Announcing the Microsoft 365 DevDays Agenda!

The agenda for Microsoft 365 DevDays is now available! From March 17th-18th, 2018, Microsoft will be hosting their event at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific R & D Group Headquarters. This event is packed with hands-on workshops and presentations that will dive into the Office 365 and SQL Server platform. Here are just some exciting topics that…


Microsoft 365 DevDays 现在开放注册!

北京Microsoft 365 DevDays 现已开放注册! Microsoft 365 DevDays将于3月17日至18日举行,这两天将会覆盖Office 365和SQL数据平台技术知识的介绍。由Microsoft主导的实操工作坊将会涵盖微信与O365的集成、Microsoft Graph、Bots、AI等技术领域! What: Microsoft 365 DevDays When: 2018年3月17日至18日 Where: 微软亚太研发集团总部 Who: 开发人员、解决方案提供商、独立软件开发商、IT管理员、企业级开发人员,学生 Cost: 免费! 一定要看看超酷的会场,了解一下Microsoft 365 DevDays 的举办地:微软亚太研发集团总部 活动的所有详情请见这里。 有任何问题可以通过microsoftdevdays@microsoft.com联系我们。 *请注意:本次活动的大部分会议将以中文形式进行。


Microsoft 365 DevDays registration open NOW!

Registration is now open for Microsoft 365 DevDays in Beijing! Microsoft 365 DevDays is going to be from March 17th-18th and is going to be filled with two days of Office 365 and SQL Data platform technology knowledge. Our hands-on workshops and talks will be led by our Microsoft which will cover technologies ranging from…


Open XML SDK version 2.8.1 is available

We are happy to share with you the latest release, version 2.8.1, of the Open XML SDK. You can find more information about it in the file in the GitHub project. Below are highlights of what we did in this release. Corrected package license file reference. In addition to the updates above, this version…