The Windows SMBv1 Test Suite is now open source on GitHub!

The Windows Interoperability team recently announced the open source availability their SMBv1 Test Suite and the Protocol Test Framework on GitHub! Check out the announcement:

"Windows Protocol Test Suites are Open Source. SMBv1 Protocol Test Suite and Protocol Test Framework (PTF) are now available on GitHub. Expect more Protocol Test Suites Open Source to come.

  • SMBv1 Protocol Test Suite provides interoperability testing against requirements documented in [MS-SMB], [MS-FSCC] as well [MS-CIFS] dependencies referred to in [MS-SMB].
  • Protocol Test Framework (PTF) is designed to support Microsoft Protocol Test Suites for both Windows and Office Protocol Interoperability testing. It implements the fundamentals to support Protocol Test Suite, including logging, checker, configuration and etc.

You are welcome to contribute to the Test Suites and help us build a strong ecosystem."

Please reach out to with any questions or issues!


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