New Mail Simulator Tool Released

Office Interoperability is pleased to announce a new tool – MailSim (for Mail Simulator). Unlike other test tools, MailSim uses an Outlook 2013 client to generate real traffic for your email server.

MailSim automates Outlook 2013 behavior to provide defined and repeatable email traffic and folder operations. For realistic testing, there can be many client machines for one email server, where each client runs its own instances of MailSim.exe and Outlook 2013. Each MailSim/Outlook client can perform its own actions, on its own schedule, for hours to weeks of combined testing.

MailSim reads user-defined configuration files that completely determine subsequent actions. You have the option to specify sets of email account names, attachments, and folders. Alternately, MailSim can be directed to choose random subsets of these.

The MailSim repository is located on Github here, and includes the MailSim User Guide. To ask questions, or report problems, please use the repository's Issues page.


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