New Open Specifications Landing Page UI for Implementers

We are developing a new landing page experience for implementers who use the Open Specifications documents. Initially, these new pages will be made available parallel to the current library on the MSDN site. Eventually, we will transition to the new landing pages, but first we would like your feedback and comments to make sure these pages address your needs for accessing the Open Specifications documents.

As shown on the screen below, the key differences between these pages and the current experience include:

  • The ability to download the preview, published, and previous versions of the documents in PDF
    and .docx format.
  • A short abstract describing the document.
  • An RSS subscription.
  • Published dates for each version.
  • Revision type (protocol or document revision) and an indication of whether the changes were
    major or minor.
  • A link to the errata, when available.
  • The navigation allows you to find subcollections within the product collection and download a
    zip file of any collection.
  • Links to development resources.

Please try out these pages on the Open Specifications landing page development site, and use either the comments option in this blog or send email to to contribute feedback. We need to know what doesn’t work, what we may have missed, and how we could improve the pages.

Thank you! The Microsoft Interoperability Team.


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