Exchange Server 2016 Preview Protocol Documentation Updates

The document release from Tuesday of this week contained updates made to Microsoft Exchange Server Protocol and Standards documents for the Exchange Server 2016 Preview release. Because these protocols are considered beta documentation, these documents are published in PDF format only on the Preview Specifications page. In the majority of cases, this just involved updates to the list of applicable products in each document's Product Behavior appendix; please refer to a document's Change Tracking section for specific details on what was changed for this release.

As always, a summary of what was changed in each document can be found in the Revision Summary table that appears at the beginning of each document (before the Introduction). If the revisions to a document included changes that affect the meaning, language, or formatting of the technical content, those changes are detailed in the Change Tracking section that appears just before the Index in each document.

The following documents were updated for this release. In the list below, titles in bold indicate that the document had more extensive changes.

Exchange Server - Release Notes

[MS-ASAIRS]: Exchange ActiveSync: AirSyncBase Namespace Protocol
[MS-ASCAL]: Exchange ActiveSync: Calendar Class Protocol
[MS-ASCMD]: Exchange ActiveSync: Command Reference Protocol
[MS-ASCNTC]: Exchange ActiveSync: Contact Class Protocol
[MS-ASCON]: Exchange ActiveSync: Conversations Protocol
[MS-ASDOC]: Exchange ActiveSync: Document Class Protocol
[MS-ASDTYPE]: Exchange ActiveSync: Data Types
[MS-ASEMAIL]: Exchange ActiveSync: Email Class Protocol
[MS-ASHTTP]: Exchange ActiveSync: HTTP Protocol
[MS-ASMS]: Exchange ActiveSync: Short Message Service (SMS) Protocol
[MS-ASNOTE]: Exchange ActiveSync: Notes Class Protocol
[MS-ASPROV]: Exchange ActiveSync: Provisioning Protocol
[MS-ASRM]: Exchange ActiveSync: Rights Management Protocol
[MS-ASTASK]: Exchange ActiveSync: Tasks Class Protocol
[MS-ASWBXML]: Exchange ActiveSync: WAP Binary XML (WBXML) Algorithm
[MS-OAUTH2EX]: OAuth 2.0 Authentication Protocol Extensions
[MS-OXABREF]: Address Book Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Referral Protocol
[MS-OXBBODY]: Best Body Retrieval Algorithm
[MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures
[MS-OXCEXT]: Client Extension Message Object Protocol
[MS-OXCFOLD]: Folder Object Protocol
[MS-OXCFXICS]: Bulk Data Transfer Protocol
[MS-OXCICAL]: iCalendar to Appointment Object Conversion Algorithm
[MS-OXCMAIL]: RFC 2822 and MIME to Email Object Conversion Algorithm
[MS-OXCMAPIHTTP]: Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) Extensions for HTTP
[MS-OXCMSG]: Message and Attachment Object Protocol
[MS-OXCNOTIF]: Core Notifications Protocol
[MS-OXCPERM]: Exchange Access and Operation Permissions Protocol
[MS-OXCPRPT]: Property and Stream Object Protocol
[MS-OXCROPS]: Remote Operations (ROP) List and Encoding Protocol
[MS-OXCRPC]: Wire Format Protocol
[MS-OXCSPAM]: Spam Confidence Level Protocol
[MS-OXCSTOR]: Store Object Protocol
[MS-OXCTABL]: Table Object Protocol
[MS-OXDISCO]: Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol
[MS-OXDSCLI]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup Protocol
[MS-OXIMAP4]: Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4 (IMAP4) Extensions
[MS-OXLDAP]: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3 Extensions
[MS-OXMSG]: Outlook Item (.msg) File Format
[MS-OXNSPI]: Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Protocol
[MS-OXOABKT]: Address Book User Interface Templates Protocol
[MS-OXOABK]: Address Book Object Protocol
[MS-OXOAB]: Offline Address Book (OAB) File Format and Schema
[MS-OXOCAL]: Appointment and Meeting Object Protocol
[MS-OXOCFG]: Configuration Information Protocol
[MS-OXOCNTC]: Contact Object Protocol
[MS-OXODLGT]: Delegate Access Configuration Protocol
[MS-OXODOC]: Document Object Protocol
[MS-OXOFLAG]: Informational Flagging Protocol
[MS-OXOJRNL]: Journal Object Protocol
[MS-OXOMSG]: Email Object Protocol
[MS-OXONOTE]: Note Object Protocol
[MS-OXOPFFB]: Public Folder-Based Free/Busy Protocol
[MS-OXOPOST]: Post Object Protocol
[MS-OXORMDR]: Reminder Settings Protocol
[MS-OXORMMS]: Rights-Managed Email Object Protocol
[MS-OXORSS]: RSS Object Protocol
[MS-OXORULE]: Email Rules Protocol
[MS-OXOSFLD]: Special Folders Protocol
[MS-OXOSMIME]: S/MIME Email Object Algorithm
[MS-OXOSRCH]: Search Folder List Configuration Protocol
[MS-OXOTASK]: Task-Related Objects Protocol
[MS-OXOUM]: Voice Mail and Fax Objects Protocol
[MS-OXPHISH]: Phishing Warning Protocol
[MS-OXPOP3]: Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) Extensions
[MS-OXPROPS]: Exchange Server Protocols Master Property List
[MS-OXPROTO]: Exchange Server Protocols System Overview
[MS-OXPSVAL]: Email Postmark Validation Algorithm
[MS-OXRTFCP]: Rich Text Format (RTF) Compression Algorithm
[MS-OXRTFEX]: Rich Text Format (RTF) Extensions Algorithm
[MS-OXSHARE]: Sharing Message Object Protocol
[MS-OXSHRMSG]: Sharing Message Attachment Schema
[MS-OXSMTP]: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Extensions
[MS-OXTNEF]: Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) Data Algorithm
[MS-OXVCARD]: vCard to Contact Object Conversion Algorithm
[MS-OXWAVLS]: Availability Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWCONFIG]: Web Service Configuration Protocol
[MS-OXWMT]: Mail Tips Web Service Extensions
[MS-OXWOAB]: Offline Address Book (OAB) Retrieval File Format
[MS-OXWOOF]: Out of Office (OOF) Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSADISC]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup SOAP-Based Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSARCH]: Archiving Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSATT]: Attachment Handling Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSBTRF]: Bulk Transfer Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCDATA]: Common Web Service Data Types
[MS-OXWSCEXT]: Client Extension Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCONT]: Contacts Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCONV]: Conversations Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCORE]: Core Items Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCOS]: Unified Contact Store Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSCVTID]: Convert Item Identifier Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSDLGM]: Delegate Access Management Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSDLIST]: Distribution List Creation and Usage Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSEDISC]: Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSFOLD]: Folders and Folder Permissions Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSGNI]: Nonindexable Item Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSGTRM]: Get Rooms List Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSGTZ]: Get Server Time Zone Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSITEMID]: Web Service Item ID Algorithm
[MS-OXWSLVID]: Federated Internet Authentication Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSMSG]: Email Message Types Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSMSHR]: Folder Sharing Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSMTGS]: Calendaring Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSMTRK]: Message Tracking Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSNTIF]: Notifications Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSPED]: Password Expiration Date Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSPERS]: Persona Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSPHOTO]: Photo Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSPOST]: Post Items Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSPSNTIF]: Push Notifications Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSRSLNM]: Resolve Recipient Names Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSRULES]: Inbox Rules Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSSMBX]: Site Mailbox Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSSRCH]: Mailbox Search Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSSYNC]: Mailbox Contents Synchronization Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSTASK]: Tasks Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSURPT]: Retention Tag Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSUSRCFG]: User Configuration Web Service Protocol
[MS-OXWSXPROP]: Extended Properties Structure
[MS-OXWUMS]: Voice Mail Settings Web Service Protocol
[MS-PATCH]: LZX DELTA Compression and Decompression
[MS-STANOICAL]: Outlook iCalendar Standards Support Version 2
[MS-STANOIMAP]: Outlook Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Standards Support
[MS-STANOPOP3]: Outlook Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) Standards Support
[MS-STANXICAL]: Exchange iCalendar Standards Support Version 2
[MS-STANXIMAP]: Exchange Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Standards Support
[MS-STANXPOP3]: Exchange Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) Standards Support
[MS-XJRNL]: Journal Record Message File Format
[MS-XLOGIN]: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) AUTH LOGIN Extension
[MS-XOAUTH]: OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol Extensions

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