Office, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), and Exchange Protocol Documentation Updates

A few weeks ago, we made some updates to the Open Specifications technical documents for Office, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), SharePoint Products and Technologies, and Exchange protocols. For your convenience, we've listed the documents that had changes below.

Highlights for this release:

  • This release contains updates made in relation to the release of Skype for Business and Skype for Business Server. In the majority of cases, this just involved updates to the list of applicable products in each document's Product Behavior appendix; please refer to a document's Change Tracking section for specific details on what was changed for this release.
  • One new Exchange Web Services document, [MS-OXWSITEMID], was added.
  • Two new Skype for Business protocol documents, [MS-CVWREST] and [MS-ECREST], were added.

For those not familiar with the way our Revision Summary/Change Tracking system works: A summary of what was changed in each document can be found in the Revision Summary table that appears at the beginning of each document (before the Introduction). If the revisions to a document included changes that affect the meaning, language, or formatting of the technical content, those changes are detailed in the Change Tracking section that appears just before the Index in each document.

The following documents were updated for this release. In the list below, titles in bold indicate that a document is new. 

Exchange - Release Notes
[MS-OXPROTO]: Exchange Server Protocols System Overview
[MS-OXWSITEMID]: Web Service Item ID Algorithm

Skype for Business (formerly Lync) - Release Notes
[MS-ABS]: Address Book File Structure
[MS-AVEDGEA]: Audio Video Edge Authentication Protocol
[MS-CONFAS]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Application Sharing Extensions
[MS-CONFAV]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Audio-Video Extensions
[MS-CONFBAS]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Basic Architecture and Signaling
[MS-CONFIM]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Instant Messaging Extensions
[MS-CONFPRO]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Provisioning
[MS-CONMGMT]: Connection Management Protocol
[MS-CVWREST]: Skype for Business Call Via Work REST Protocol
[MS-DLX]: Distribution List Expansion Protocol
[MS-DTMF]: RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones, and Telephony Signals Extensions
[MS-E911WS]: Web Service for E911 Support Protocol
[MS-ECREST]: Skype for Business Event Channel REST Protocol
[MS-EUMR]: Routing to Exchange Unified Messaging Extensions
[MS-EUMSDP]: Exchange Unified Messaging Session Description Protocol Extension
[MS-H264PF]: RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video Streams Extensions
[MS-ICE]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Extensions
[MS-ICE2]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Extensions 2.0
[MS-ICE2BWM]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) 2.0 Bandwidth Management Extensions
[MS-OCAUTHWS]: OC Authentication Web Service Protocol
[MS-OCDISCWS]: Lync Autodiscover Web Service Protocol
[MS-OCER]: Client Error Reporting Protocol
[MS-OCEXUM]: Call Control for Exchange Unified Messaging Protocol Extensions
[MS-OCGCWEB]: Persistent Chat Web Protocol
[MS-OCPSTN]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for PSTN Calls Extensions
[MS-OCSMP]: Microsoft Online Conference Scheduling and Management Protocol
[MS-OCSPROT]: Lync and Lync Server Protocols Overview
[MS-PRES]: Presence Protocol
[MS-PSOM]: PSOM Shared Object Messaging Protocol
[MS-QoE]: Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol
[MS-RGSWS]: Response Group Service Web Service Protocol
[MS-RTASPF]: RTP for Application Sharing Payload Format Extensions
[MS-RTP]: Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Extensions
[MS-RTPRADEX]: RTP Payload for Redundant Audio Data Extensions
[MS-RTVPF]: RTP Payload Format for RT Video Streams Extensions
[MS-SDPEXT]: Session Description Protocol (SDP) Version 2.0 Extensions
[MS-SIPAE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Authentication Extensions
[MS-SIPAPP]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Protocol
[MS-SIPCOMP]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Compression Protocol
[MS-SIPRE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Routing Extensions
[MS-SIPREGE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Registration Extensions
[MS-SRTP]: Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) Extensions
[MS-SSRTP]: Scale Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SSRTP) Extensions
[MS-TURN]: Traversal Using Relay NAT (TURN) Extensions
[MS-TURNBWM]: Traversal using Relay NAT (TURN) Bandwidth Management Extensions
[MS-XCCOSIP]: Extensible Chat Control Over Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
[MS-XMLMC]: XML Schema for Media Control Extensions

Office - Release Notes
[MS-STWEB]: Microsoft OneDrive Save to Web SOAP Web Service

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