Redmond Plugfest 2015 Event Technology Topics

The Microsoft Interoperability team is proud to announce the technology topics for the upcoming Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2015. Make sure you register today to reserve your spot at the event!


Office Topics:

What's New in Office?

Office Add-in / Extensibility

File Sharing Synchronization

WOPI and O365 Cloud Storage Partner Program

O365 Rest APIs

Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange MAPI

Office Message Analyzer Parsers

SharePoint and Exchange Protocol Test Suites

MailSim – A new tool to automate Outlook

Exchange Web Services

Open Specification Support

O365 Authentication

Content Developer Experience – New Open Specification site, Office Developer experience, and more

Windows Server Topics:

Software Defined Storage

SMB3 Protocol Q&A

HyperV SMB3 Storage

Storage Management Advances

Client Cache Retrieval Scenarios

FSA Scenarios

Remote Shared Virtual Disk

SMB3 Protocol Family Test Suite

Dynamic Access Control

AZOD (CBAC) File Access Scenario

ADOD Domain Join Scenario Tests

NRPC Scenario Tests

Security Updates

Kile and Pac AP Interop scenarios

AuthSOD Scenario Tests

SAMR Interoperability Tests

Bring Your Own Device

Protocol Documentation Focus Group

Open Stack Integration Lab

Linux Open Source Integration

Protocol Test Framework and Test Suite OSS Releases

Azure Files XSMB Interoperability

Data Platform Topics:

OData Introduction

OData Deep Dive

OData Implementation

OData Validator

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