Announcing a New Version of the Open Specifications Dev Center for Developers!


We merged the Microsoft Open Specifications site with the Open Specifications Dev Center to consolidate our interoperability and Open Specifications support, provide current and relevant content from both sites, and add new and updated information. In addition, we improved navigation, applied a more modern style, and made the following changes:

  • Added the Programs and Patents pages, which contain content from the Microsoft Open Specifications site, including the Interoperability Principles, Microsoft Interoperability Program, Workgroup Server Protocol Program, Interoperability Principles Program, patent pledges, patent promises, Open Web Foundation Agreement, and patent map showing the patent applications that may cover the Open Specifications.
  • Combined the development support and community topics on one Development Support page that includes links to the Open Specifications forums for discussing implementations, a Microsoft Knowledge Base search, and links to our Twitter page, blogs, partner programs, and other support contacts.
  • Updated the test-tool information and consolidated it on one Interoperability Test Tools page that includes information about Microsoft Message Analyzer, test suites, OData Validator, interoperability labs, Microsoft Office Binary File Format Validator, and Microsoft Exchange RPC Extractor.
  • Added the events pages: Plugfests and Events for event information and registration, and Past Plugfests and Events for videos and summaries of past interoperability events.
  • Introduced a News page that consolidates all the recent posts from the Office Interoperability, Microsoft Open Specifications Support, and Microsoft Openness blogs.
  • Provided Case Studies that describe how companies have used the Open Specifications to create innovative, interoperable solutions.
  • Included a Documentation link for accessing the Open Specifications technical documents: protocols, computer languages, standards support, and data portability.

For questions or feedback, please contact the Interoperability Test Team.



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