October 2014 Quarterly update for Office, Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange protocol documentation

We're happy to announce the October 2014 quarterly update to the Open Specifications technical documents for Office, SharePoint Products and Technologies, and Exchange Server! For your convenience, we've listed the documents that had changes below. A summary of what was changed in each document can be found in the Revision Summary table that appears at the beginning of each document (before the Introduction). If the revisions to a document included changes that affect the meaning, language, or formatting of the technical content, those changes are detailed in the Change Tracking section that appears just before the Index in each document.


The following documents were updated for this release. Titles in bold indicate that the document had major changes; otherwise the changes made are considered minor.


Office Protocols - Release Notes

[MS-3DMDTP]: Data Visualization: 3-D Map Data Tour File Format

[MS-CONFAS]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Application Sharing Extensions

[MS-CONFAV]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Audio-Video Extensions

[MS-CONFBAS]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Basic Architecture and Signaling

[MS-CONFIM]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Instant Messaging Extensions

[MS-CONFPRO]: Centralized Conference Control Protocol: Provisioning

[MS-CTXLS]: Excel Custom Toolbar Binary File Format

[MS-CUSTOMUI]: Custom UI XML Markup Specification

[MS-CUSTOMUI2]: Custom UI XML Markup Version 2 Specification

[MS-DLX]: Distribution List Expansion Protocol

[MS-DOC]: Word (.doc) Binary File Format

[MS-DSEXPORT]: Document Set Package Format

[MS-E911WS]: Web Service for E911 Support Protocol

[MS-GRVSPCM]: Client to Management Server Groove SOAP Protocol

[MS-ICE2BWM]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) 2.0 Bandwidth Management Extensions

[MS-INFODCF]: InfoPath Data Connection File Download Protocol

[MS-OBPRS]: Office Broadcast Presentation Service

[MS-OCAUTHWS]: OC Authentication Web Service Protocol

[MS-OCDISCWS]: Lync Autodiscover Web Service Protocol

[MS-OCER]: Client Error Reporting Protocol

[MS-OCGCWEB]: Persistent Chat Web Protocol

[MS-OCPROTO]: Office Client Protocols Overview

[MS-OCSMP]: Microsoft Online Conference Scheduling and Management Protocol

[MS-ODRAW]: Office Drawing Binary File Format

[MS-ODRAWXML]: Office Drawing Extensions to Office Open XML Structure

[MS-OFORMS]: Office Forms Binary File Formats

[MS-OGRAPH]: Office Graph Binary File Format

[MS-OODF3]: Office Implementation Information for ODF 1.2 Standards Support

[MS-OSHARED]: Office Common Data Types and Objects Structures

[MS-OVBA]: Office VBA File Format Structure

[MS-OWEXML]: Office Web Extensibility Extensions to Office Open XML Structure Specification

[MS-PPT]: PowerPoint (.ppt) Binary File Format

[MS-PSOM]: PSOM Shared Object Messaging Protocol

[MS-QoE]: Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol

[MS-RTP]: Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Extensions

[MS-SDPEXT]: Session Description Protocol (SDP) Version 2.0 Extensions

[MS-SIPCOMP]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Compression Protocol

[MS-SIPREGE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Registration Extensions

[MS-WOPI]: Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol

[MS-XCCOSIP]: Extensible Chat Control Over Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

[MS-XLDM]: Spreadsheet Data Model File Format

[MS-XLS]: Excel Binary File Format (.xls) Structure

[MS-XLSX]: Excel (.xlsx) Extensions to the Office Open XML SpreadsheetML File Format


SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols - Release Notes

[MS-ADMINS]: Administration Web Service Protocol

[MS-BCSDPFFS]: Business Connectivity Services Deployment Package File Format

[MS-BDCMFFS]: Business Data Connectivity Model File Format

[MS-BDCRAWPS]: Business Data Connectivity Remote Administration Web Service Protocol

[MS-COPYS]: Copy Web Service Protocol

[MS-CSOM]: SharePoint Client Query Protocol

[MS-DOCSWS]: SharePoint Document Sharing Web Service Protocol

[MS-DSPSTSS]: Data-Source Adapter SharePoint Team Services Web Service Protocol

[MS-DWSS]: Document Workspace Web Service Protocol

[MS-ESREST]: Excel Services REST Protocol

[MS-EXSPWS3]: Excel Calculation Web Service Version 3 Protocol

[MS-FORMS]: Forms Service Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTP]: File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTPB]: Binary Requests for File Synchronization via SOAP Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTPD]: Binary Data Format for File Synchronization via SOAP

[MS-IPFF]: InfoPath Form Template Format

[MS-LISTSWS]: Lists Web Service Protocol

[MS-OFFICIALFILE]: Official File Web Service Protocol

[MS-OSALER]: Alerts Interoperability Protocol

[MS-OSCO]: Office Server ClickOnce Manifest Structure

[MS-OUTSPS]: Lists Client Sync Protocol

[MS-PPSAS]: PerformancePoint Services Authoring Service Protocol

[MS-PPSDECO]: PerformancePoint Services Decomposition Tree Protocol

[MS-PRIMEPF]: Deployment Package Format

[MS-PRSTFR]: ADO XML Persistence Format

[MS-PUBCSOM]: Publishing Client-Side Object Model Protocol

[MS-QSSWS]: Search Query Shared Services Protocol

[MS-SADMWS]: Search Site Administration Web Service Protocol

[MS-SEARCH]: Search Protocol

[MS-SITEDATS]: Site Data Web Service Protocol

[MS-SPO]: SharePoint Protocols Overview

[MS-SPSCRWL]: SPSCrawl Web Service Protocol

[MS-SPSETWS]: SharePoint Subscription Settings Web Service Protocol

[MS-SQP]: MSSearch Query Protocol

[MS-TSCSOM]: Translation Services Client-Side Object Model Protocol

[MS-UPSCDS]: User Profile Synchronization (UPS): Configuration Data Structure

[MS-UPWCFWS]: User Profile Property Service Application Web Service Protocol

[MS-VERSS]: Versions Web Service Protocol

[MS-VIEWSS]: Views Web Service Protocol

[MS-WEBSS]: Webs Web Service Protocol

[MS-WMCSOM]: Work Management Client-Side Object Model Protocol

[MS-WORDSWCF]: Word Automation Services WCF Service Protocol

[MS-WPPS]: Web Part Pages Web Service Protocol

[MS-WSSCAML]: Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Structure

[MS-WSSCAP]: Windows SharePoint Services Collaborative Application Protocol

[MS-WSSFO]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Protocol

[MS-WSSFO2]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Version 2 Protocol

[MS-WSSFO3]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Version 3 Protocol

[MS-WSSFOB]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Base Protocol

[MS-WSSHP]: HTTP Windows SharePoint Services Headers Protocol

[MS-WSSO]: Windows SharePoint Services Overview

[MS-WSSTS]: Windows SharePoint Services

[MS-WWSP]: Workflow Web Service Protocol


Exchange Server Protocols - Release Notes

[MS-ASAIRS]: Exchange ActiveSync: AirSyncBase Namespace Protocol

[MS-ASCAL]: Exchange ActiveSync: Calendar Class Protocol

[MS-ASCMD]: Exchange ActiveSync: Command Reference Protocol

[MS-ASCNTC]: Exchange ActiveSync: Contact Class Protocol

[MS-ASCON]: Exchange ActiveSync: Conversations Protocol

[MS-ASDOC]: Exchange ActiveSync: Document Class Protocol

[MS-ASDTYPE]: Exchange ActiveSync: Data Types

[MS-ASEMAIL]: Exchange ActiveSync: Email Class Protocol

[MS-ASHTTP]: Exchange ActiveSync: HTTP Protocol

[MS-ASMS]: Exchange ActiveSync: Short Message Service (SMS) Protocol

[MS-ASPROV]: Exchange ActiveSync: Provisioning Protocol

[MS-ASTASK]: Exchange ActiveSync: Tasks Class Protocol

[MS-ASWBXML]: Exchange ActiveSync: WAP Binary XML (WBXML) Algorithm

[MS-OCEXUM]: Call Control for Exchange Unified Messaging Protocol Extensions

[MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures

[MS-OXCEXT]: Client Extension Message Object Protocol

[MS-OXCFOLD]: Folder Object Protocol

[MS-OXCICAL]: iCalendar to Appointment Object Conversion Algorithm

[MS-OXCMAIL]: RFC 2822 and MIME to Email Object Conversion Algorithm

[MS-OXCMAPIHTTP]: Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) Extensions for HTTP

[MS-OXCMSG]: Message and Attachment Object Protocol

[MS-OXCNOTIF]: Core Notifications Protocol

[MS-OXCPRPT]: Property and Stream Object Protocol

[MS-OXCROPS]: Remote Operations (ROP) List and Encoding Protocol

[MS-OXCRPC]: Wire Format Protocol

[MS-OXCSPAM]: Spam Confidence Level Protocol

[MS-OXCSTOR]: Store Object Protocol

[MS-OXCTABL]: Table Object Protocol

[MS-OXDSCLI]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup Protocol

[MS-OXLDAP]: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3 Extensions

[MS-OXMSG]: Outlook Item (.msg) File Format

[MS-OXNSPI]: Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Protocol

[MS-OXOAB]: Offline Address Book (OAB) File Format and Schema

[MS-OXOABK]: Address Book Object Protocol

[MS-OXOABKT]: Address Book User Interface Templates Protocol

[MS-OXOCAL]: Appointment and Meeting Object Protocol

[MS-OXOCFG]: Configuration Information Protocol

[MS-OXOCNTC]: Contact Object Protocol

[MS-OXODLGT]: Delegate Access Configuration Protocol

[MS-OXOJRNL]: Journal Object Protocol

[MS-OXOMSG]: Email Object Protocol

[MS-OXONOTE]: Note Object Protocol

[MS-OXOPFFB]: Public Folder-Based Free/Busy Protocol

[MS-OXOPOST]: Post Object Protocol

[MS-OXORMDR]: Reminder Settings Protocol

[MS-OXORSS]: RSS Object Protocol

[MS-OXORULE]: Email Rules Protocol

[MS-OXOSMIME]: S/MIME Email Object Algorithm

[MS-OXOSMMS]: Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Object Protocol

[MS-OXOSRCH]: Search Folder List Configuration Protocol

[MS-OXOTASK]: Task-Related Objects Protocol

[MS-OXOUM]: Voice Mail and Fax Objects Protocol

[MS-OXPHISH]: Phishing Warning Protocol

[MS-OXPROPS]: Exchange Server Protocols Master Property List

[MS-OXPROTO]: Exchange Server Protocols System Overview

[MS-OXRTFEX]: Rich Text Format (RTF) Extensions Algorithm

[MS-OXTNEF]: Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) Data Algorithm

[MS-OXWAVLS]: Availability Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWCONFIG]: Web Service Configuration Protocol

[MS-OXWMT]: Mail Tips Web Service Extensions

[MS-OXWOAB]: Offline Address Book (OAB) Retrieval File Format

[MS-OXWSADISC]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup SOAP-Based Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSATT]: Attachment Handling Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCDATA]: Common Web Service Data Types

[MS-OXWSCONT]: Contacts Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCONV]: Conversations Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCORE]: Core Items Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCOS]: Unified Contact Store Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSDLIST]: Distribution List Creation and Usage Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSEDISC]: Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSFOLD]: Folders and Folder Permissions Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSGNI]: Nonindexable Item Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSGTRM]: Get Rooms List Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMSG]: Email Message Types Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMTRK]: Message Tracking Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSNTIF]: Notifications Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSPED]: Password Expiration Date Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSRSLNM]: Resolve Recipient Names Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSRULES]: Inbox Rules Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSSMBX]: Site Mailbox Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSSRCH]: Mailbox Search Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSTASK]: Tasks Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSUSRCFG]: User Configuration Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSXPROP]: Extended Properties Structure

[MS-XWDCAL]: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Extensions for Calendar Support

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