Shanghai Interoperability Seminar: December 10th – 12th 2013

The Microsoft interoperability teams are excited to announce an upcoming seminar that will be hosted in Shanghai, China on December 10, 11, and 12 2013. This free, three day event will cover a broad range of Microsoft interoperability topics from Windows, SQL, and Office. All implementers are welcome to attend, however space is limited so please contact to register or to collect more details (English, Mandarin, or Cantonese inquiries are okay). Additional information will be posted as we get closer to the event, hope to see you there!

Most sessions will be translated or delivered in Mandarin. For more information visit:


   December 10, 2013  
Time Session Description
9:30AM Keynote: Interoperability Commitment Event keynote address 
10:00AM Microsoft Interoperability Programs Description of all the available resources that exist in the Open Specification programs at Microsoft.
10:30AM Binary File Format Details Working vocabularies, patterns & use cases, mapping back to the Open Specifications. “Lay of the land”… 
11:30AM Word Binary File Format Overview (.doc) An overview of the Word binary file format
12:00PM Lunch  
1:00PM Excel Binary File Format Overview (.xls) An overview of the PowerPoint binary file format
1:30PM PowerPoint Binary File Format Overview (.ppt) An overview of the Excel binary file format
2:00PM Office Gatekeeper & Binary File Format Tools Office Gatekeeper: What it is, how it works, why it is there, and a demonstration. Binary File Format Validator and related BFF tools and demo
2:45PM An overview of OOXML Connect OOXML to BFF, history, what it is, and high level overview
3:45PM Office Client Protocol Communication Describe the protocol communication between the Office client and SharePoint Server.
4:15PM SharePoint Protocol Overview An overview of the protocol landscape for SharePoint.
   December 11, 2013  
 9:30AM Open Specification Support Overview of the Open Specification support program. Best practices, scope, etc
 10:00AM SQL Protocols Overview An overview of the SQL Server protocols
 10:30AM OData Overview An overview of the OData protocol
 11:30AM OData Deep Dive & Demos A deep dive into the OData protocol
 12:00PM Lunch  
 1:00PM OData Service Validation Tool A demonstration and overview of the OData service validation tool
 1:45PM Exchange Protocol Overview An overview of the protocol families for Exchange Server 2013
 2:30PM Message Analyzer Windows internal (ETW) tracing and on the wire packet analysis
 3:30PM Office Network Debugging Network Monitor and Message Analyzer parsers for Office Protocols. Along with RPX.
 4:00PM Office Protocol Test Suites Overview of the Office Protocol Test Suites
   December 12, 2013  
 9:30AM Model Based Testing Model based protocol testing using test suites and Spec Explorer, a Visual Studio Power tool
 10:30AM SMB 2 & 3 Protocol Family Test Suite Using the File sharing protocol family test suite for interoperability testing with Windows and non-windows
 12:00PM Lunch  
 1:00PM Windows Protocol Debugging Demonstrate debugging tools for troubleshooting and analysis of wire-level Windows protocol scenarios
 2:00PM Windows Server Certification An overview of the Windows Server Certification Program for partners
 3:00PM   OMI Manageability                                             OMI protocol interoperability and testing                                                                                                                                                                                     
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