Exchange Server Protocol Test Suites are now available!

The Office Interoperability team is pleased to announce the release of the Exchange Server Protocol Test Suites. The test suites are designed in a client-to-server relationship and were originally developed for the in-house testing of the Microsoft Open Specifications. The test suites have been used extensively during Plugfests and Interoperability Labs to test partner implementations and are now available on MSConnect for public download. Test suites test the server-side implementation of the Open Specification protocol, as specified in Open Specification documentation, by acting as a synthetic client.

Currently the Exchange Server Protocol Test Suites support the 10 RPC based Exchange protocols listed in the table below. Want to learn more about the Test Suites? You can watch a video from one of our recent events that provides an overview of what is included in the test suite package. As always, if you have any questions or issues please don't hesitate to reach out to me through the blog or directly to our support team at dochelp (at) Microsoft (dot) com.


The Test Suites are openly available (with Microsoft account) on MSConnect and are contained within the “Microsoft Open Specifications Test Tools” program. All you need to do is to simply "join" the program and go to the downloads page to get access.

 Exchange Protocol Test Suites supported protocols


Folder  Object Protocol Specification


Bulk  Data Transfer Protocol Specification


Message  and Attachment Object Protocol Specification


Exchange  Access and Operation Permissions Protocol Specification


Property  and Stream Object Protocol Specification


Remote  Operations (ROP) List and Encoding Protocol Specification


Wire  Format Protocol Specification


Store  Object Protocol Specification


Table  Object Protocol Specification


E-Mail Rules  Protocol Specification

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