SQL Interoperability Plugfest Event

The SQL Interoperability team is considering an event in 2012 that will cover the OData (MS-ODATA) protocol and associated formats: Conceptual Schema Definition (MC-CSDL), and Entity Data Model (MC-EDMX). For those of you who have attended either a Windows, SharePoint, Office, or Exchange interoperability event in the past, the format would be similiar, where you would have the opportunity to:

  • Talk directly with our product teams and Microsoft Support.
  • Meet with members of the OData product teams.
  • Take advantage of protocol test tools to test protocol implementations.
  • Listen to presentations from Microsoft subject matter experts.
  • Provide feedback on Microsoft Open Specification documentation.

Please let us if there is any interest out there, by using the "Email Blog Author" link in the right pane. We are looking to better understand which SQL protocol topics are of high interest, specifically around MS-ODATA. Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions and I will forward them over to the SQL interoperability team. If enough interest is expressed, they are thinking about hosting the event in the first half of 2012.

Thank you!



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